Hilcorp seeks to drill gas exploration wells near Anchor Point

Public comments accepted through March 4

The oil and gas company Hilcorp Alaska is seeking to move forward with a project to drill gas exploration wells near Anchor Point.

The Texas-based company submitted a Lease Plan of Operations Permit application to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources in January requesting authorization to drill two wells in Whiskey Gulch — one gas-only, and one combination oil and gas well. The Whiskey Gulch site is approximately 3 miles northeast from Anchor Point.

Part of Hilcorp’s proposal is to construct a 2.75-acre gravel pad on private surface lands at the end of Cape Ninilchik Avenue.

“Whiskey Gulch Pad is proposed on partially improved private lands,” according to Hilcorp’s application.

Hilcorp seeks to drill the two wells on that pad on the state oil and gas lease. The total depth of drilling would be 10,000 feet, according to a public notice of the proposal from the DNR.

The company does not plan any permanent infrastructure or facilities as part of its proposal, according to the application. The proposal also includes a planned road extension from the intersection of Cape Ninilchik Avenue and Opportunity Lane in order for Hilcorp to reach the gravel pad.

“Pad and access road construction activities will include organic removal/grubbing of the construction footprint, leveling/preparing pad and access road footprint, placement of geotextile liner on the pad and access road footprint, and placement of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of gravel fill over the liner,” the application reads. “Gravel fill will be compacted and a containment berm will be built around the edge of the pad.”

According to the DNR’s public notice, the proposed construction could begin around March 15 if approved, and would be followed by drilling activities around June 1. Drilling and testing could last through early September, according to the DNR.

If the drilling proved successful, any further development or production in the area would need to go through its own permitting process.

The DNR’s Division of Oil and Gas is accepting comments on Hilcorp’s proposal until 4:30 p.m. on March 4. You can submit comments via email at dog.permitting@alaska.gov, or by mail to the following address:

Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas

550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1100

Anchorage, AK 99501

A copy of the final decision on Hilcorp’s proposal will be sent to anyone who submits a comment, according to the DNR.

To read Hilcorp’s full application, visit aws.state.ak.us/OnlinePublicNotices/Notices/Attachment.aspx?id=126521.

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