November Homer Flex award winner announced

The November winner of the monthly student award given out by Homer Flex School is Ben Dickson, a freshman.

Each month, teachers and staff at Flex award the student who most encompasses the school’s mission and goals of respect, ownership, and productivity.

“Freshman Ben Dickson is a bright and meticulous young man who is able to not only succeed academically but interpersonally as well,” the school announced. “He is always engaged and participating in our community — using every minute of class and lunch to complete his work at a high level, and going the extra mile to understand every concept to the best of his ability.”

“Ben has a fun sense of humor and can always make us smile,” the school’s release continues. “His constant companions in Zoom, his lamp and circle window, have brought lots of laughs to class. Ben is polite, giving of his time and attention, and a wonderful addition to the Flex community.”