Beluga Lake Divas win Fools on Ice championship

Homer’s Diva hockey took three teams to the 13th Annual Fools on Ice Tournament in Anchorage last weekend and took first in the intermediate division, second in the advanced beginner division, and third in the novice division. The teams were coached by Buck Laukitis, Dean Kildaw, Steve Nevak and Chris Owens.

Goalies Julie Hinkle and Lydia Brown had shut-out games and goalie Michelle Hatton had an all-tournament shut-out record.

 Cissy Rockett scored the first goal of the tournament against the Anchorage Gold Diggers for the Salty Dawg Divas team. The divas won that game with a second goal scored by Lydia Brown.

The Divas went on to tie their second game against Anchorage’s YWCA with the tie-goal made by Sherry Stead. The team ended the tournament in the consolation round with a win against the Gold Diggers.

 The Homer’s Jeans Diva team started the tournament off with a 7-0 win over Healy Coal Queens. Ori Badajos was the MVP with four goals. Hannah Johnson, Sue Rennolds, and Ingrid Harrald also scored.

The team faced the Hockey Nuts of Anchorage for a close 1-0 win. Against Anchorage’s Champions Choice, the Divas took a healthy lead early on with two goals by Ori Badajos followed by goals from Deb Moseley, Leslie Mastick, Di Carbonell ending 5-0. 

In the championship game, the Divas rematched the Hockey Nuts for a nail-biting game. The game was tied 1-1 at the end of the third period, taking the game into overtime. With a minute left in sudden death the Hockey Nuts scored, taking first place in the advanced beginner division.

 As 2012 returning champions, the Beluga Lake Lodge Divas played to defend their title and did with four shut-out games.

The Divas won 5-0 against Anchorage’s Black Ops 5-0. Andrea Stineff, E.B. Brown and Anna Dickerson put the puck in the net, and Karen Weston scored twice by the end of the game. Their second game against Northern Powerline saw Jessie Cashman and Shelly Laukitis in the penalty box.

Despite the penalties, the Divas won 4-0.

They played longtime rivals of Kodiak for the third game. Kristen Brown scored during first period with a top shelf backdoor shot. The score remained 1-0 until late in the third period when Jessi Dullinger, Anna Dickerson and Kris Holderied all found the net within minutes of each other, making the final score 4-0.

Undefeated, the Divas went into the championship game on Sunday, took the lead and never looked back. Kristen Brown started it off with a breakaway top shelf goal. Kris Holderied found the net through the back door for the second goal. Additional goals were scored by Jessi Dullinger, Andrea Stineff and Anna Dickerson. The final score was 5-0.

 Tournament MVPs were goalies, Lydia Brown, Michelle Hatton and Julie Hinkle; forwards, Ori Badajos, Andrea Stineff, Kris Holderied, Karen Weston and Syverine Abrahamson; and defense, Cissy Rocket, Emilie Otis, Tracey Tillion and Jessi Dullinger.