Homer Epic draws dozens of runners, bikers and skiers

The Homer Epic 50- and 100-kilometer races were held Saturday near Homer. They started in McNeil Canyon, went into the Caribou Hills and returned to Homer.

Competitors could opt to ski, bike or run to a checkpoint at Caribou Lake or Freddie’s Roadhouse depending on which distance they chose, then back to McNeil.

Out of 60 registered participants, 43 people began the race that is a fundraiser for the Homer Cycling Club on Saturday morning, according to Chuck Lindsay. There were only three who did not finish.

The men’s winners for the 100 kilometer challenge were Robert Whitney on skis at 7 hours, 1 minute; Brian Bonney on bike at 7:47 and Michele Baschieri on foot at 23:21. Baschieri was the only runner of the 100k race, and came to Homer all the way from Italy. He flew back to Italy the following night, Lindsay said in an email.

Women winners were Tara Schmidt on skis at 10:10 and Jessie Goodrich on bike at 18:47.

The men’s winners for the 50 kilometer race were Frederick Dickerson on skis at 3:10, Mike Crawford on bike at 3:34 and Timi Lemaire on foot at 6:41. Women winners for the 50 kilometer race were Katie Miller on skis at 4:25, Amber Bethe on bike at 4:10 and Erin McKittrick on foot at 6:16. The softer course led to Bethe being the only overall winner that used a bike and not skis.

However, the 50k course ended up being just a bit longer at 51k, Lindsay wrote. And the weather didn’t make it any easier for the participants.

“Last week’s weather delivered 10 inches of new snow to the Caribou Hills, followed by rain and above-freezing temperatures, which resulted in generally soft trail conditions,” Lindsay wrote in an email.

As a result, the bikers, who Lindsay said usually dominate the race, were a bit slowed down this year.


100 kilometers

Men — 1. Robert Whitney, ski, 7 hours, 1 minute; 2. Joshua Mumm, ski, 7:04; 3. Brian Bonney, bike, 7:47; 4. David Apperson, ski, 9:35; 5. Eric Thomason, bike, 10:29; 6. Brian Marang, bike, 10:39; 7. Patrick Goodrich, bike, 18:47; 8. Michele Baschieri, run, 23:21.

Women — 1. Tara Schmidt, ski, 10:10; 2. Jennifer Bando, ski, 14:44; 3. Jessie Goodrich, bike, 18:47.

51 kilometers

Men — 1. Frederick Dickerson, ski, 3:10; 2. Mike Crawford, bike, 3:34; 3. Gregory Tibbetts, ski, 4:41; 4. Thomas Quimby, ski, 4:48; 5. Joshua Duffus, bike, 5:41; 6. Bernie Freeman, bike, 6:19; 7. Timi Lemaire, run, 6:41; 8. Michael Quimby, run, 6:54; 9. Ben Muse, bike, 7:21; 10. Mike Schroeder, bike, 7:21; 11. Jonathan Blenkush, bike, 15:55; 7. Shane Kimberling, bike, 7:54; 8. Joshua Brown, run, 8:11; 9. Benjamin Powell, run, 8:11; 10. Michael Gavillot, bike, 8:49; 11. Hunter Scholtz, run, 9:19; 12. Bryan Hawkins, run, 9:21; 13. Tom Honer, run, 9:31; 14. Joe Martin, bike, 10:48; 15. Jared Kern, run, 11:47; 16. Thaddeus Lingenfelter, run, 11:51.

Women — 1. Amber Bethe, bike, 4:10; 2. Katie Miller, ski, 4:25; 3. Heidi Zimmer, ski, 4:29; 4. Kathy Sarns-Irwin, ski, 4:41; 5. Rebecca Noblin, bike, 5:39; 6. Erin McKittrick, run, 6:16; 7. Sarah Osborne, bike, 6:16; 8. Nancy Long, run, 9:21.