Homer Huskies hold wrestling meet

Wrestlers from Chapman, Homer, Ninilchik, Seldovia and Voznesenka gathered at Homer Middle School Friday for the Husky Open. With 50-60 participants, it was “a strong little tournament,” said Coach Dan Rios. 

Pool B

1st place: Tyson Overson, Chapman;

2nd place: Stephen Shwartz, Homer;

3rd place: Malachi Raymond, Homer;

4th place: Wyatt Counts, Chapman.

 Pool L

1st place: Teddy Croft, Homer;

2nd place: Tyler Johnson, Chapman;

3rd place: Hunter Harrington, Chapman;

4th place: Giorgy Kalugin, Voznesenka.

Pool M

1st place: Tristen Cook, Homer;

2nd place: Kyle Wells, Chapman;

3rd place: David Sanarov, Voznesenka.

Pool N

1st place: Wyatt Alborn, Homer;

2nd place: Levi King, Homer;

3rd place: Nikit Anufriev, Voznesenka.

Pool O

1st place: Jadin Mann, Homer;

2nd place: Stanley Swoboda, Homer;

3rd place: Fiona Green, Homer.