Ice Racing report: Ice racing turns to water racing

It was an extremely wet day of ice racing for the Kenai Peninsula Ice Race Association on Sunday, but a lot of fun was had at the Decanter Inn at Mile 107 of the Sterling Highway.

The day started out a little rainy, then the sun came out. The track was very soft and turned to water on ice quickly. The spectators hung in there through the rain and got to watch some great ice/water racing.

Thank you to all who came out and supported us this weekend.

The men managed to complete their races early in the day with the results looking like this: men’s first heat finished with the checkered flag going to JT Hawkins (#13), second place to Willie Stephens (#41z) and third to Dustin Bass (#46).

The men’s second heat checkered flag went to Willie Stephens (#41z), second place was Gavin Wallis (#17) and third went to Anthony Hannevold (#21).

The men’s main event looked something like this … very wet and third place was Dallas Greenway (#99), JT Hawkins (#13) came in second and the checkered went to Frank Armstrong (#31).

The trophy dash consisted of five vehicles competing for the win. The trophy dash winner was Willie Stephens (#41z). Great job Willie.

Dustin Bass (#46) came in second and Anthony Hannevold (#21) was third.

The Pitman’s Race consisted of men and women, and remember after each race the track is softer and wetter.

So, while swimming around the track trying to avoid the deep ruts the Pitman races ended with Anthony Hannevold (#2 ½) pedal down, hydroplaning around the track for the win.

Dallas Greenway, driving #21, finished second and Dennis Ziemke (#19) took third.

The track was very challenging with the deep ruts and a lot of water and slush. Congratulations to all the winners and those who participated. It was a great day and has been a great season.

We held the Old Timers and Memorial Race this weekend.

It was great to see some of the Old Timers out and driving.

Even with the track in the condition it was in, they still played.

Herff Keith took home the checkered flag in truck #19.

It was exciting for him, his family and all those watching.

The final race of the day was the Memorial Race.

We held a five-lap Memorial Race with both men and women drivers for all the fallen racers and their families.

It was a great turnout of vehicles participating and was the best showing of support from racers and fans! Anthony Hannevold in car #2 ½ floated his way around the track to win the final race of the day.

The Kenai Peninsula Ice Race Association will be showing off some of the racing vehicles in the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday in Soldotna. Be sure to look for us and enjoy the parade.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page Kenai Peninsula Ice Race Association for updates on next weekend’s racing.

We have tentatively scheduled to race Saturday due to the parade on Sunday but will post updates as quickly as possible on the track condition and race status.