Kachemak Bay State Park trails report

The following is the trails report from Kachemak Bay State Park:

Overall Conditions: Patchy snow at 2,000 feet and above, depending on aspect. Trail locations obscured in alpine areas.

Advisory: Trails in KBSP are rough, with steep grades in places, and in some cases only marked routes. It is advisable to add one-third to your average hiking time.

Grewingk Creek Tram: Recommend a minimum of two people to use, one assisting by remaining on the platforms to pull on the rope, reversing process when first person across completes trip. Gloves are recommended.

Please practice Leave No Trace etiquette. Pack out what you pack in. Report any problems or complaints to the Park Ranger at 235-7024 or 262-5581.

Announcement: Bears with cubs sighted along Glacier Lake Trail and Saddle Trail.

China Poot Lake Trail: Clear. Trail along China Poot Lake is flooding from the recent rains.

Estuary Trail: Clear

Poot Peak Trail: North Route – Difficult.

Poot Peak Trail: South Route – Difficult to impassable. Impassable between Moose Valley and Summit Route junctions. Do not hike.

Poot Peak Trail: Summit Route – Difficult. Caution climbing up to the summit. Route climbs up scree slope and there is a short climb to the actual summit. Rock is unstable near the summit.

Coalition Trail: Passable to difficult

Coalition Loop Trail: Passible to difficult. Impassable to the falls. Do not hike the falls. (Trail opened and adopted by Boy Scout Troop 555)

Moose Valley Trail: Passable to difficult. Passable from China Poot Lake Junction to Moose Valley PUC. Bridge crossing Moose Valley Creek is out. Creek is fordable.

Lagoon Trail: Impassable. Do not hike.

Goat Rope Trail: Difficult

Alpine Ridge: Difficult

Saddle Trail: Clear. Black bear with cubs reported in the area

Glacier Lake Trail Clear. Black bear with cubs reported in the area

Grewingk Tram Spur Trail – Clear.

Blue Ice Trail: Difficult

Emerald Lake Loop Trail: Difficult to impassible. Difficult from Humpy Creek to Blue Ice Trail via the Grewingk Tram. Impassable from Humpy Creek to Emerald via Portlock Plateau and between Grewingk Lake and Emerald Lake.

Mallard/Emerald Connection Trail: Impassable. Do not hike.

Mallard Bay Trail: Trail: Impassable. Do not hike.

Wosnesenski River Trail: Difficult to impassable. An overflow channel has made the Wosnesenski River Trail impassable 3 miles from Haystack Rock. A main channel has moved along the north side of the river and is partially being diverted. Do not hike between mile 3 and mile 9. Many trees down and very brushy between China Poot Lake and Wosnesenski River Valley,

Sadie Knob Trail: Difficult

Grace Ridge Trail: Passable to difficult:

Tutka Lake Trail: Passable. Dozen or so trees down from Sea Star Cove Cabin to Tutka Lagoon Hatchery. Couple of trees down between Tutka Lake and the falls.

Tutka – Jakolof Trail: Passable to difficult. Trail is obscured in places on the Jakolof Bay side of the trail.

Diamond Creek Trail: Clear trail, slippery from recent rains. Be aware that portions of the trail are close to bluffs above Diamond Creek. Please take caution when hiking with children and pets.

Additional Information

Grewingk Valley: There are multiple bears with cubs in the Grewingk Valley. Please be bear aware and give them the space that they need if encountered. Please report negative and/or habituated behavior.

Moose Valley Bridge Construction/Installation: Replacement bridge will be installed in 2018. Set to begin around Aug. 1 and be completed Aug. 10. Expect helicopter sling loads into the area during this time.