Kachemak Swim Club Kings compete in Anchorage event

The Kachemak Swim Club (KSC) Kings took 16 athletes to the Splash Into Spring Invitational Swim Meet at Bartlett High School in Anchorage, May 8-9. The meet drew 300 athletes from eight teams. The Kings swam to an outstanding 75 percent individual and relay personal re- cords (PRs).

Leading the PR charge for the Kings was 8-year-old Jamen Anderson, KSC Swimmer of the Meet. Jamen not only led warm-ups but raced to five PRs including a 1:59.95 in the 100 im (a 10-second drop), a 27.94 in the 25 fly (a nine-second drop), and a 32.24 in the 25 breast (a seven- second drop).

Placing in the top eight in every event, Jamen raced with both zeal and determination. On his back (22.96), with an unprecedented stroke tempo of 52 cycles per minute and a boiling-water kick, he finished with a fearless flourish of flawlessly timed strokes to break the 23-second barrier.

Some additional KSC highlights:

100 percent individual PRs: Jamen Anderson, Kaylin Anderson, Adeline Berry, Kira Milne and Jake Nelson

100 percent relay PRs: Kenzy Johnson, Hartley Miller and Kira Milne

Event wins: Kira Milne, Jake Nelson and Luke Nelson

Top-eight finishes: Jamen Anderson, Kaylin Anderson, Adeline Berry, Briar Boyd, Bristol Johnson, Kenzy Johnson, Elsa Milne, Kira Milne, Carly Nelson, Jake Nelson, Luke Nelson, Luke Nollar, Nathan Overson and Hazel Pearson

Completing new events: Kaylin Anderson, Briar Boyd, Bristol Johnson, Elsa Milne, Kira Milne and Luke Nollar

KSC Relay-Big Award: McKenzy Johnson continued her streak of relay PRs, now extending over 56 meets and 14 races. Swimming the fly leg of the girls 11-12 200 med- ley relay, Kenzy dropped 5 seconds to finish in 37.67.

KSC Spirit Award: Carly Nelson for ceaselessly and

ferociously cheering her teammates from the ends and sides of the pool

KSC Helper Award: Jake Nelson for assisting his younger teammates in warm-ups and organizing the team cheers.

The Kings compete next in their own Navy-Gold Intrasquad meet, May 16, 9 a.m.-noon, at Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center in Homer.

KSC is a non-profit, year-round youth sports organiza- tion that practices in the Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center and competes around the peninsula, the state, and the region. Anyone age 6 or older who can swim the width of the pool in freestyle and backstroke is encouraged to tryout.

Please contact head coach Neil Romney (neilromney@ gmail.com; 405-795-3392) or visit the club website (http:// ksc.tundratechnologies.com/) for more information.