Kards, Mariners collect Mid Alaska Conference honors

The Mid Alaska Conference awards for football were announced recently.

Redington, which won the conference with a 4-0 record then defeated Houston 46-12 for the Division III state championship, won three of the major awards. Houston, which finished second in the league with a 2-1 record, won the other two.

Redington’s Mathias Weinberger was named Coach of the Year, while Redington’s Jaden Spaulding was Offensive Player of the Year and Redington’s Mason Brouillet was Lineman of the Year. For Houston, Kiderro Fono was Defensive Player of the Year and Dave Reilly was Coach of the Year.

Kenai finished with a 1-2 record in the league to secure the third playoff spot. James Sparks made the first team at halfback for the Kards, while Wade James was a first-team kicker, Roc Riggle was a first-team long snapper, Bridger Beck was a first-team defensive back and Daniel Myers was a first-team interior lineman.

Homer finished 0-3 in the league. Kamdyn Doughty was on the first team at outside linebacker for the Mariners, while Carter Tennison made the first team as a punter.

Full awards follow:

Mid Alaska Conference Awards

Coach of the Year — Mathias Weinberger, Redington.

Assistant Coach of the Year — Dave Reilly, Houston.

Defensive Player of the Year — Kiderro Fono, Houston.

Offensive Player of the Year — Jaden Spaulding, Redington.

Lineman of the Year — Mason Brouillet, Redington.

First team


Quarterback: Wayde Bowman, Redington; Tight end: Keldin Nicol, Houston; Halfbacks: James Sparks, Kenai; Jaden Spaulding, Redington; Tackles: Kiderro Fono, Houston; Sam MacDonald, Redington; Return specialist: Jaden Spaulding, Redington; Guards: Mason Brouillet, Redington; Siu Sasiu, Houston; Fullback: Ervin Feleti, Barrow; Center: Clinton Curren, Houston; Wide receivers: Logan Seymore, Redington; Bryce Murdock, Redington; Kicker: Wade James, Kenai; Long snapper: Roc Riggle, Kenai.


Outside linebackers: Kamdyn Doughty, Homer; Keldin Nicol, Houston; Inside linebackers: Ervin Feletti, Barrow, Branden Hina, Houston; Defensive backs: Eric Preboski, Houston; Bridger Beck, Kenai; Trevor Bowman, Redington; Interior linemen: Daniel Myers, Kenai; Mason Brouillet, Redington; Sam MacDonald, Redington; Kiderro Fono, Houston; Punter: Carter Tennison, Homer; Utility Player: Dallas Mattson, Redington.

Second team


Quarterback: Carter Tennison, Homer; Tackle: Samiel Wilson, Kenai; Return specialist: Zach Armstrong, Kenai; Guards: Daniel Myers, Kenai; Kamdyn Doughty, Homer; Fullback: Branden Hina, Houston; Reagan Graves, Kenai; Center: Zach Halstead, Kenai; Wide receiver: David Martin, Kenai; Trevor Bowman, Redington; Kicker: Dallas Matson, Redington.


Outside linebackers: Dominick Reyes, Barrow; Levi Good, Kenai; Inside linebackers: Wyatt Pinard, Redington; Pomai Vargas, Redington; Defensive backs: Cody Wyrick, Houston; Luke Armstrong, Kenai; Talon Whicker, Kenai; Interior linemen: Samiel Wilson, Kenai; Morgan Stars, Kenai; Punter: Dallas Mattson, Redington; Utility player: Owen Whicker, Kenai.

Honorable mention

Outside linebackers: Reagan Graves, Kenai; Dallas Mattson, Redington; John Gosh, Redington; Punter: Wade James, Kenai.