Mariner wrestlers head to Seward this weekend

The Homer High wrestling team traveled to Skyview High School last weekend for its first official competition of the season. Nikiski, Voznesenka and Seldovia wrestlers also took part in this mix and match competition. 

Homer totaled an 8-11 record with 10 active Mariner wrestlers. Junior Harley Wells ended his first match in just 16 just seconds, making his opponent tap out.

“Wells took his opponent to his back and squeezed so hard his opponent just quit,” said Homer Head Coach Chris Perk.

Wells continued to win his next match in just two minutes using a leg ride.

Dick Perez who wrestles at 220 pounds pinned both of his Skyview opponents.

“Perez does not make many mistakes and does a nice job of defending against leg attacks. He has not wrestled since sixth grade but is gaining back his knowledge every week,” said Perk of the Homer High junior.

Pedro Ochoa won his only match of the night against Seldovia at 152 pounds with a sprained ankle.

Freshman Dakota Alward, sophomore Jacob Raham and senior Kyle Van Alstine each won one of their matches on Friday. 

Mariners Captain Calvin Johnson lost 8-7 against Skyview’s Austin Craig. These two matched up last year at state with the same outcome. Perk said that Johnson couldn’t score an escape in the final period, which made the difference. He was then pinned in his second match by Gavril Kalugin from Vosnesenka. Trailing on the scorecard 5-0, Kalugin used a half nelson and his seven-pound weight advantage to make the pin.

The Mariners are on the road to Seward this weekend for dual matches. Some grapplers will be wrestling up to nine times. With the addition of more wrestlers, Homer will be participating in 13 of the 15 weight classes.


Skyview tourney

171 — Y. Kuzmin, Voz, p. J. Boze, Sky, 2:33. 160 — A. Kalugin, Voz, p. Devin Chissus, Sel, 0:54. 145 — K. Miller, Sky, p. K. Reutov, Voz, 2:40. 160 — K. VanAlstire, Hom, p. I. Oftedal, Sky, 2:36. 132 — B. Musgrave, Sky, p. M. Hightower, Nik, 1:04. 138 — M. Olson, Nik, p. M. Polushkin, Voz, 1:22. 120 — G. Kalugin, Voz, p. C. Johnson, Hom, 0:59. 113 — Ryan Winter, Sky, p. S. Kraszeki, Hom, 1:19. 152 — J. Brown, Nik, p. K. Zimmerman, Sky, 1:24. 160 — P. Ochoa, Hom, p. Devin Chissus, Sel, 1:58. 220 — D. Perez, Hom, p. T. MacRae, Sky, 1:01. 145 — K. Reutov, Voz, p. A. Raham, Hom, 1:07. 170 — M. Sauve, Nik, p. Y. Kuzmin, Voz, 2:42. 160 — I. Oftedal, Sky, p. J. Cole, Hom, 1:38. 113 — Austin Craig, Sky, def. C. Johnson, Hom, 8-7. 152 — K. Miller, Sky, D. Alward, Hom, 2:23. 145 — M. Martushev, Voz, p. A. Roham, Hom, 3:14. 182 — D. Martishev, Voz, p. M. Sauve, Nik, 3:11. 152 — H. Wells, Hom, p. K Zimmerman, Sky, 3:17. 152 — D. Alward, Hom, p. M. Martushev, Voz, 2:30. 138 — S. Janorschke, Sky, p. M. Polushkin, Voz, 1:07. 220 — J. Gallagher, Sky, p. D. Perez, Hom, 5:51. 126 — G. Vallquette, Sky, p. J. Raham, Hom, 1:36. 171 — J. Boze, Sky, t.f. J. Cole, Hom, 25-9. 145 — K. Miller, Sky, p. M. Martushev, Voz, 3:45. 195 — D. Martishev, Voz, p. J. Gallagher, Sky, :36. 160 — F. Navarro, Sky, p. K. VanAlstine, Hom, :59. 138 — S. Janorschke, Sky, m.d. M. Olson, Nik, 15-6. 132 — J. Raham, Hom, p. M. Hightower, Nik, 5:41. 106 — S. Hutchison, Sky, p. J. Kraszeski, Hom, 0:54. 152 — H. Wells, Hom, p. D. Chissus, Sel, 0:16. 152 — J. Brown, Nik, p. A. Kalugin, Voz, 1:20. 120 — A. Craig, Sky, p. G. Kalugin, Voz, 4:59.