No snow, new route for 2015 Ski for Women

Zumba music drowned out the sounds of Super Bowl in Alice’s Champagne Palace loft Sunday afternoon, as Liz Villareal led a Zumba warm-up for the 12th annual Ski For Women.

The energy level and enthusiasm were high for the South Peninsula Haven House fundraiser, with everyone — including the mother-daughter duo of Beka and Brightly Thoning dressed as the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, accompanied by Lucas Thoning wearing his Mr. Homer regalia — ready to get outside and enjoy the sun. 

With little snow this year, the event was reorganized as a “Walkabout, Shopabout, Bikeabout.” Local businesses Homer’s Jeans, Ulmer’s and Homer Saw and Cycle offered specials to participants. 

In spite of sunshine, or maybe because of it and other scheduled activities, this year’s number of participants was less than previous years.

“We generally end up with 80-120 people, maybe 35 when there’s a snowstorm, but this year we had 29 people and raised just under $500,” said organizer Kris Holderied. 

A poster designed by Emma Teal Laukitis directed participants to the registration table in Alice’s loft. Volunteers, including Wayne and Donna Aderhold, Bekah Jones, Shannon McBride-Morin and Deb Moseley, helped register people, mark the course and keep the event organized.

In addition to benefiting Haven House, Holderied said the annual event also is a way to encourage people to enjoy the out-of-doors.

“Besides just raising money for Haven House, our theme is how to empower folks in winter to be active, to be happy and enjoy the outside,” said Holderied.

“All of us who do that know how wonderful it is and how it makes winter seem like a good thing, not something to get through.”