Riptide, Titans lead city hoops league

Week 2 of the Homer City Basketball League kicked off with a close game between the Slammin’ Salmon and K-12 on Monday night. K-12 were the winners, with Brandon Young scoring 12 of the team’s 45 points to the Salmon’s 42. In Game No. 2, Riptide’s Fred Dickerson was the high scorer, bringing in 18 points against ABI. The final score was 42-39, with Riptide in the lead.

Game No. 3 got “Game of the Week,” with the Smooth Ops and Timberwolves neck in neck throughout the game. In the end, Smooth Ops took the lead on a late three by Casey Siekaniec. Timberwolf Jesse Leman received an honorable mention for his 22 points. The Titans demolished the Splash Bros in Game No. 4, with Titan Eric Tutt honored for his 13 points. Dylan Day of the Splash Bros received an honorable mention for his 21. Here’s where the teams stand:

1.) Best Western Riptide2-0

2.) Titans2-0

3.) Alaska Bible Institute (ABI)1-1

4.) Gregoire Smooth Ops1-1

5.) Ninilchik Timberwolves1-1

6.) K-121-1

7.) Homer News Slammin’ Salmon0-2

8.) Pathfinder Aviation Splash Bros0-2