Ski Your Age event raises $500 for Mariner Nordic Ski Team

Skiers hit trails in annual Mariner ski team fundraiser.

The Homer Mariner Nordic Ski Team hosted the annual Ski Your Age fundraiser on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2021, at Lookout Trailhead.

The event had five categories for people to compete in, including Ski Your Age in Kilometers, Century Club (100 minus your age in kilometers), Most Kilometers as a Family, Ski 50K, or whatever the skier felt up to.

“The event went well,” ski team coach Katie Miller wrote in an email to Homer News. “The snow conditions weren’t ideal – it was warm and wet, pretty challenging – but several community members still came out to participate and we raised about $500 for the ski team! We had all age ranges represented, and even had some people participate long-distance, in Anchorage and Idaho. It’s always inspiring to see both young and old come out for the same event, and Ski Your Age really fosters that.”

Here are the 2021 Ski Your Age results:

Skied their age (or more)

Eric Pederson- 47k, Anna Williams- 41.72k, Dan Miotke- 41k, Morgan Jones- 40.2k, Ireland Styvar- 36k, Ethan Styvar- 32k, Denver Waclawski- 32k, Katie Miller- 31k, Caleb Rauch- 25k, Jaxon Henrie- 22k, Autumn Daigle- 19k, Leif Jaworski- 17k, Seamus McDonough- 16k, Eryn Field- 16k, Bea McDonough- 14k, Nate Jaworski- 12k, Kathryn Jaworski- 10k, Sadie Gibson- 8k and Linnea Gibson- 6k.

Century club – skied 100 MINUS their age

Jane Wiebe- 37k

Skied in locations other than Homer

Ireland Styvar, Ethan Styvar, Jaxon Henrie, and Hanna Henrie, 100k total, Anchorage; and Amy Kaucic, 12k, Idaho.

Family totals

Styvar/Henrie total: 100k, Ireland Styvar- 36k, Ethan Styvar- 32k, Jaxon Henrie- 22k, Hanna Henrie- 10k; Jaworski total: 54k, Leif Jaworski- 17k, Nate Jaworski- 12k, Kathryn Jaworski- 10k, Dana Jaworski- 7.5k, Jeff Jaworski- 7.5k; McDonough total: 41.5k, Seamus McDonough- 16k, Bea McDonough- 14k, Jackie McDonough- 7k, Thomas McDonough- 4.5k.

Other participants who just got out and enjoyed the ski trails

Yvonne Lentwyler- 20k, Sara Barrowcliff- 9k, Charlie Trowbridge- 9k, Becca Trowbridge- 9k, Avery Cathey- 4k, Noah McBride- 2.24k, Cohen McBride- 2.24k, Tom Bursch- 2k, Catie Bursch- 2k, Loveya McBride- 1.12k, Alison O’Hara and Katia Holmes.

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