Softball teams ready for upcoming tournament

The eight Homer Softball Association teams wind up their season with a bang next weekend during the annual Homer City Tournament at Jack Gist Park.

The two-day, double elimination tournament will be held Aug. 9-10.

Season standings will determine the tournament bracket schedule.

The schedule will be finalized after the final season game on Aug. 5. 

Following are the past week’s game scores.

July 21:

Growlers vs. Alibi, 18-6;

Down East vs. Beluga Lake Lodge, 15-14;

July 22:

Kharacters vs. Spenard Builders Supply, 13-4;

Spartans  vs. Alibi, 16-15;

July  23:

Beluga Lake Lodge vs. Wraptors, 18-0;

Growlers vs. Down East (19-4)

July 24:

Beluga Lake Lodge vs. Kharacters-Cups, 14-9;

Spenard Builders Supply vs. Alibi, 20-4

July 25:

Down East vs. Wraptors, 10-5 (makeup rain game).

Standings as of July 25:

1. Growlers (17,0);

2. Beluga Lake Lodge (14,6);

3. Spenard Builders Supply (12,5);

4. Cups-Kharacters (11,8);

5. Down East (9,10);

6. Alibi (6,13);

7. Wraptors (3,16);

8. Spartans (2,16).