SoHi’s Jedlicki, Seward’s Ingalls win at Class Challenge

Soldotna freshman Sophia Jedlicki and Seward junior Hailey Ingalls both won titles last Friday at the Anchorage Christian Schools Class Challenge, a 3.2-kilometer running event in Anchorage.

Jedlicki led a Kenai Peninsula charge in the freshmen-sophomore race, winning at 12 minutes, 12 seconds. Also in the top 10, SoHi’s Annie Burns was second at 12:52, SoHi’s Tania Boonstra was third at 12:54, Homer’s Daisy Walker was fourth at 13:09, Homer’s Claira Booz was fifth at 13:11, Seward’s Katie Van Buskirk was seventh at 13:31 and Seward’s Maddie Haas was 10th in 13:48.

Soldotna took the freshmen-sophomore team title with 32 points, while Seward was runner-up at 52.

Also for the Stars, Laurel Johnson was 17th at 14:18, Delainie Wagers was 22nd at 14:31, Ariana Cannava was 26th at 14:48, Anaulie Sedivy was 30th at 15:05, Adele Tacey was 31st at 15:06, Nicole Dammeyer was 34th at 15:12, Leanne Gordon was 43rd at 15:42 and Jessica LeClair was 49th at 16:18.

Also for the Seahawks, Juniper Ingalls was 18th in 14:19, Addison Lemme was 20th at 14:23, Ava Jagielski was 23rd in 14:32, Natalie Sieminski was 40th in 15:32, Kate Norvell was 41st in 15:37, Lucy Bamford was 55th in 17:09 and Emily Anger was 56th in 17:09.

Also for Homer, Beatrix McDonough was 11th in 13:51 and McKenna Black was 32nd in 15:07.

For Kenai Central, Mya Taylor was 35th in 15:15.

Hailey Ingalls won the junior-senior race in 12:11, with Grace Christian’s Megan Nelson in second at 12:39, Kenai’s Emilee Wilson in third at 13:13, Homer’s Frida Renner in fourth at 13:22, Seward’s Aly Guernsey in fifth at 13:26, Homer’s Eryn Field in sixth at 13:28 and Kenai’s Emily Moss in 10th at 13:49.

Homer was the only scoring team to take the team title with 15. Also for the Mariners, Elena Badajos was 14th at 14:05, Leah Dunn was 26th at 15:30 and Cecilia Fitzpatrick was 30th at 16:45.

Also for Seward, Stella Dow was 21st at 14:47.

For Soldotna, Kaytlin McAnelly was 12th at 13:55, Megan Whittom was 16th at 14:13, Ashley Dahlman was 23rd at 14:52 and Avery Ciufo was 24th at 15:03.

In the junior-senior boys race, Grace’s David Sliwinski won at 9:51, while Homer’s Seamus McDonough was third at 10:07, Kenai’s Greg Fallon was fourth at 10:36, Homer’s Lance Seneff was seventh at 10:58, Homer’s Theodore McDonough was eighth at 11:04 and Kenai’s Jack Laker was 10th at 11:11.

Grace took the junior-senior team title with 36, while Homer was second with 59, Soldotna was fourth with 93 and Kenai was fifth with 106.

Also for Homer, Jonah Mershon was 23rd in 11:56 and Damon Weisser was 27th in 12:04.

Also for Soldotna, Jonathan Gordon was 15th in 11:24, Elijah Jedlicki was 20th in 11:54, Andrew Cox was 21st in 11:54, Levi Mickelson was 24th in 11:57, Finnley Loop was 25th in 12:02, Isaac Chavarria was 32nd in 12:27, Jeren Nash was 34th in 12:29, Wesley Johnson was 37th in 12:35, Gauge Gunning was 40th in 12:39 and Alexander Dammeyer was 46th in 13:03.

Also for Kenai, Zane Tews was 30th in 12:25, Zane Pellegrom was 43rd in 12:48, Robert Carson was 47th in 13:04, August Jaeger was 48th in 13:08 and Nico Walker was 55th in 14:06.

For Seward, Trevor Guernsey was 14th in 11:21 and Roberto Ferraro was 60th in 14:34.

Grace’s Robbie Annett won the freshmen-sophomore boys race at 10:17, while Kenai’s Chase Laker was fifth, and the first freshman, at 10:59. Also in the top 10 were Homer’s Ethan Styvar at 11:08 and Homer’s Caleb Bunker at 11:13.

Kodiak won the team contest at 61, while Homer was second at 77, Soldotna was fifth at 137 and Kenai was seventh at 142.

Also for Homer, Jai Badajos was 15th at 11:40, Jody Goodrich was 18th at 11:53, Lukas Renner was 30th at 12:32, Elijah Rozenboom was 41st at 13:13, Tait Ostrom was 42nd at 13:14 and Zachary Altringer was 59th at 14:48.

Also for Soldotna, Brenden Jones was 21st at 12:10, Isaiah Dickson was 24th at 12:22, Noble Cassidy was 32nd at 12:37, Parker Richards was 34th at 12:45, Spencer Dahlman was 36th at 12:53, Trenton Towarak was 46th at 13:46, JJ Able was 50th at 13:57, Brody Linton was 60th at 15:00, Caleb Wohlers was 61st at 15:03, Aaron Fletcher was 62nd at 15:05, Briggs Cheeseman was 63rd at 15:14, Lance Sego was 69th at 16:09, Elias Bouschor was 72nd at 16:21, Ari Miller was 76th at 17:00 and Evan Derzab was 80th at 21:30.

Also for Kenai, Logan Cartwright was 29th at 12:29, Cooper Darling was 35th at 12:53, Vail Coots was 38th at 12:55, Levi Strong was 47th at 13:47, Elliot Hanson was 51st at 14:10, Joel Moss was 55th at 14:23 and Kaden Bee was 78th at 17:28.

For Seward, Olin Lijlemark was 22nd at 12:15.