Homer’s Eyoab Knapp brings the ball down the court during a Friday, Feb. 7, 2020 game against Galena during the Homer Winter Carnival Basketball Tournament at Homer High School in Homer, Alaska. (Photo by Megan Pacer/Homer News)

Homer’s Eyoab Knapp brings the ball down the court during a Friday, Feb. 7, 2020 game against Galena during the Homer Winter Carnival Basketball Tournament at Homer High School in Homer, Alaska. (Photo by Megan Pacer/Homer News)

Sports in brief

Upcoming events

Hockey: The hockey team will compete in the Division I State Championships at the Curtis Menard Sports Center in Wasilla, starting with a 2:30 p.m. Thursday game against South Anchorage.

Cross-country skiing: The Nordic ski team will compete at the State Championships at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 20-22.

Basketball: The Lady Mariners are competing in the Lady Grizzly Hardwood Classic from Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 15 at Grace Christian High School in Anchorage. The boys team will host Kenai Central High School in a 7 p.m. game this Friday in Homer.

In review


The Homer boys basketball and the girls team from King Cove took first place in the annual Homer Winter Carnival held last weekend at Homer High School.

Both teams went 3-0 to take first place over three days of games. Both the Galena girls and boys teams took second place at 2-1.

Action started off on Thursday with the Homer boys defeating Kotzebue 68-25 and the Kotzebue girls defeating the Lady Mariners 35-28.

For the boys, Eyoab Knapp had 18 points. Parker Lowny made 15, Michael Munns had 13, River Mann had nine, Josiah Raymond had seven and Ethan Anderson had four. Kai Whitmor had eight points for Kotzebue. In the girls game, Laveh Makiski had 13 points for Kotzebue and Laura Inama had nine points for Homer.

Earlier in the day, the King Cove girls beat Galena 85-82, and the Galena boys defeated King Cove 59-25.

On Friday, the King Cove girls continued their winning streak to beat Kotzebue 60-39, while the King Cove boys beat Kotzebue in a close 67-60 game.

Later Friday, the Homer boys rose over Galena 53-39. Munns had 15 points, Lowney had 13, Anderson had eight, Knapp had seven and Josiah Raymond had four, Jonathan Raymond had three and Mann had two. For Galena, Joseph Riddle had 11 points. The Lady Mariners fell to Galena 67-44. Marina Carroll led with 13 points, Inama had 10, Sailey Rhodes had seven, Kelli Bishop had five along with Rylee Doughty, and Hannah Hatfield and Melanie Harris both had two. For Galena, Pearle Green had 22 points, Adam Kaganak had 14 and Emma Morga had 10.

On Saturday, the Galena girls defeated Kotzebue 74-47 and the Galena boys beat Kotzebue 61-37. The Homer boys clinched the tourney title with their Saturday defeat of King Cove 61-37. Lowney had 14 points, Munns had 12, Jonathan Raymond, Anderson and Josiah Raymond had nine points each, Knapp had five and Ty Etzwiler had three. For King Cove, Riley Kaso had 16 points.

The Homer girls lost their last game to King Cove on Saturday 69-39. For Homer, Bishop had 11 points, Inama had seven, Carroll had six, Kaylin Anderson had six, Hatfield had four, Doughty had three and Melanie Morris had two points. For King Cove, Elaina Mack had a whopping 35 points, with Sadie Newton scoring 17 and Jalaya Duarte with 15.

At the end of the tournament, Homer’s Munns was named most valuable players out of all the boys, while King Cove’s Mack was named MVP for the girls.

The all tournament boys team was: Patrick Agibinik of Galena, Eyoab Knapp of Homer, John Riddle of Galena, Parker Lowney of Homer, Michael Hensely of Kotzebue and Braydyn Brandell of King Cove. The all tourney team for the girls was: Pearle Green of Galena, Adam Kaganik of Galena, Sadie Newton of King Cove, Laveh Makiski of Kotzebue, Jalaya Duarte of King Cove and Rylee Doughty of Homer.

The free-throw champions were Galena’s Marisa Boliver and Ronald Wask, while Galena’s Pearle Green and Nathan Moses were named the 3-point champions.

Cross-country skiing:

Homer’s Autumn Daigle and Zoe Stonorov finished in the top 1o last weekend at the Region III Championships for Nordic skiing at Government Peak Recreation Area in Palmer.

Daigle took third place overall for the girls with a tw0-day total of 35 minutes, 27 seconds. Stonorov claimed sixth place with a combined time of 36:58. The Homer girls team took fourth place overall, while both the Palmer girls and boys team dominated, sweeping both first place titles.

Full results are below:

Girls team places

1. Palmer 2:28:41; 2. Colony 2:30:08; 3. Soldotna 2:30:41; 4. Homer 2:43:03; 5. Kenai 2:37:56; 6. Grace Christian 2:39:22.

Girls individual results (2-day total)

1. A. Berrigan, Palmerm 34:36; 2. R. Whittington-Evans, Palmer, 34:44; 3. A. Daigle, Homer, 35:27; 4. J. Boonstra, Kenai, 35:55; 5. S. Spaic, Colony, 35:59; 6. Z. Stonorov, Homer, 36:58; 7. E. Arthur, Soldotna, 36:58; 8. L Bushey, Colony, 37:20; 9. N. Bell, Colony, 27:24; 10. J. Ruffner, Soldotna, 37:30; 11. K. Delker, Soldotna, 37:39; 12. C. Blackwell, Soldotna, 28:34; 13. A. McLaughlin, Grace, 38:47; 14. E. Metzger, Grace, 39:12; 15. B. Restad, Homer, 39:15; 16. A. Bell, Colony, 39:25; 17. E. Henneman, Palmer, 39:36; 18. L. Fallon, Kenai, 39:36; 19. Z. Copp, Palmer, 39:43; 20. A. Boucher, Palmer, 39:44; 21. L. Shea, Col 40:16; 22. M. Nelson, Gra 40:18; 23. K. Deering, Col 40:19; 24. J. Anderson, Ken 40:49; 25. B. Werner, Pal 40:56; 26. A. Rinner, Grace, 41:04; 27. C. Dement, Soldotna, 41:10; 28. G. Tews, Kenai, 41:34; 29. L. Gionet, Grace, 41:48; 30. A. Cline, Homer, 42:21; 31. J. Strausbaugh, Soldotna, 42:23; 32. E. Field, Homer, 43:24; 33. K Widner, Grace, 44:50; 34. K. Super, Homer, 45:02; 35. E. Reese, Soldotna, 45:34; 36. M. Rossi, Grace 47:00

Boys team places

1. Palmer 2:37:15; 2. Soldotna 2:39:18; 3. Colony 2:40:25; 4. Grace Christian 2:43:09; 5. Kenai 3:02:47.

Boys individual results (2-day total)

1. J. Walling, Palmer, 36:46; 2. K. Taylor, Palmer, 37:26; 3. B. Walters, Soldotna, 38:29; 4. S. Ramirez, Colony, 38:34; 5. C. Fritzel, Grace, 38:46; 6. G. Streit, Colony, 39:23; 7. J. Harris, Soldotna, 39:36; 8. Q. Cox, Soldotna, 40:15; 9. J. Rice, Colony, 40:30; 10. W. Metzger, Grace, 40:42; 11. R. Geisler, Soldotna, 40:57; 12. P. Wethington, Grace, 41:23; 13. J. Lee, Palmer, 41:29; 14. T. Merritt, Palmer, 41:33; 15. G. Steer, Colony, 41:57; 16. B. Thatcher, Grace, 42:17; 17. F. Boze, Soldotna, 42:48; 18. J. Foster, Kenai, 43:37; 19. D. Grinestaff, Soldotna, 43:45; 20. T. Elliot, Grace, 44:11; 21. G. Daggett, Grace, 44:26; 22. T. MacDonald, SV 44:30; 23. N. Haakinson, Kenai, 44:51; 24. C. Peterson, Seward, 44:55; 25. E. Taylor, Palmer, 45:25; 26. J. Strom, Soldotna, 45:28; 27. N. Johnson, Colony, 45:38; 28. C. Steer, Colony, 45:52; 29. C. Bryden, Seward, 45:52; 30. T. Mueller, Kenai, 46:47; 31. J. Caranza, Kenai, 47:31; 32. Z. Witczak, Palmer, 47:35; 33. M. Grzybowski, Kenai, 49:04; 34. G. Fode, Seward, 59:29.

Galena’s Julia Heckman tries to knock the ball away from Homer’s Rylee Doughty during a Friday, Feb. 7, 2020 basketball game during the Homer Winter Carnival Basketball Tournament at Homer High School in Homer, Alaska. (Photo by Megan Pacer/Homer News)

Galena’s Julia Heckman tries to knock the ball away from Homer’s Rylee Doughty during a Friday, Feb. 7, 2020 basketball game during the Homer Winter Carnival Basketball Tournament at Homer High School in Homer, Alaska. (Photo by Megan Pacer/Homer News)

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