Warriors place first in Mixed 6 tourney

Last Friday and Saturday, Nikolaevsk School hosted this year’s Round Robin Mixed 6 Volleyball Tournament. The tournament combined female and male players hailing from four different schools: Nikolaevsk, Seldovia, Kodiak ESS and Tanalian, from Port Alsworth.

The Nikolaesvk Warriors came in first with a 3-0 record, but Warriors coach Bea Klaich said it wasn’t easy, calling the weekend “terrific with excellent competition.”

The final match between Nikolaevsk and Tanalian went five sets with the deciding set ending in a 15-13 victory for Nikolaevsk. Seldovia took second place, with a 2-1 record.

Below are the members of the all-tournament team.

1. Feodora Mametieff— Nikolaevsk

2. Lorean Bircher — Kodiak

3. Greg Trail — Nikolaevsk

4. Aidan Philpot — Seldovia

5. Sam Blom — Tanalian

6. Damian Bennett — Kodiak

7. Jonah Fefelov — Nikolaevsk

8. Felemon Molodih — Nikolaevsk

9. Korena Nelson — Kodiak

Co-MVPs for the tournament were Olivia Turner of Seldovia and Josh Blom of Tanalian.