Weekly sports highlights

Upcoming events:

Soccer: The boys’ soccer team will play Soldotna High School at 6 p.m. in Homer on April 10. The girls’ team will play at 4 p.m. that same day.

In review:

Sea to Ski: Below are the full results from this year’s Sea to Ski Triathlon, which took place Sunday, March 25 in Homer. Racers started with a 5 kilometer run from Mariner Park to West Homer Elementary. From there, they jumped on bikes to ride up West Hill Road and along Highland Drive to the Roger’s Loop Trailhead, where the third and final ski leg of the triathlon began and ended.

Individual men: 1. Denver Waclawski, 1:05:55.5; 2. Josh Mumm, 1:05:59.6; 3. Dynafit Skier, 1:10:51.7; 4. Jeffrey Helminiak, 1:18:28.0; 5. Martin Renner, 1:21:41.0; 6. Derek Bynagle, 1:26:53.1; 7. Seth Spencer, 1:27:36.0; 8. James Cunningham, 1:30:52.6; 9. Wobbly One, 1:42:12.3; 10. Daniel Bunker, 1:50:53.8.

Individual women: 1. Jennifer Bando, 1:17:48.2; 2. Annie Ridgely, 1:19:42.4; 3. Alayne Tetor, 1:21:23.2; 4. Melissa Smith, 1:25:51.9; 5. Jane Wiebe, 1:25:55.3; 6. Alison O’Hara, 1:35:20.3; 7. Heather Renner, 1:37:13.4; 8. Yvonne Leutwyler, 1:43:33.0; 9. Emilie Otis, 1:44:04.8; 10. Kat Sorensen, 1:53:51.6; 11. Katie Connor, 2:04:13.9; 12. Jennifer Robinette, 2:11:28.4.

Co-ed teams: 1. 2 Buoys And A Gull, 1:12:34.2; 2. Just Tri-Ing To Finish, 1:27:19.5; 3. Over The East Hill, 1:28:10.0; 4. Tridecade, 1:42:27.5.

Women’s teams: 1. Team Eva, 1:16:20.8; 2. Wheelie Awesome, 1:19:14.5; 3. Fierce Mothers, 1:23:52.5; 4. Little Lightning Limpets, 1:47:30.8.

Wrestling: The following is a recap of how the Popeye Wrestling Team is doing so far this season, from Storm Cavasos:

“This last weekend Popeye Wrestling sent wrestlers to the Mat-Su Matmen Greco and freestyle tournaments.

“On Friday we had eight wrestlers compete and give their best. Tristen Cook and Jessica Clucas both brought home second place in Greco tournament. Saoirse Cook, Declan Barnard, Lucas Barnard, Alice Clucas, Seth I’nama, and Ian Stovall also competed Friday in the Greco tournament and had some great competition.

“To be noted, Popeye has had a couple of wrestlers give their all. Declan Barnard came alive this weekend and wrestled with no points scored against him until choosing to forfeit at sunset in the third match which he was winning 8-0. He was satisfied knowing he had won the match in his head. Lucas Barnard may have also placed but he also forfeited his fourth match at sunset. We call our Barnard boys, Lucas and Declan, our sunset kids and appreciate the dedication they have to the sport of wrestling and to their religion.

“Saturday, Popeye Wrestling had a few more wrestlers compete in the freestyle and girls tournament. Popeye brought home six medals Saturday to include: Kanin Kumfer in second place, Emma Cissney with second in the boys and second in girls division, Saoirse Cook brought home third in boys freesytle, Hayden Kumfer was second in girls freestyle, and Seth I’nama with gold.

“Other wrestlers who competed and wrestled great are Logan Kumfer, Preston Szymoniak, Timothy Cissney and Ian Stovall.

“Next, Popeye will head out for the Anchorage freestyle tournament at Dimond High School on Saturday.”