Young Kevin Bell Arena figure skaters participate in Soldotna competition

Eight skaters from the Kevin Bell Arena’s We Skate program participated in the Riverskate competition in Soldotna April 10-12. The young figure skaters brought home the Homer rink’s first figure skating trophy. The Homer skaters won several awards, including:

• Ireland Styvar received first places in dramatic spotlight, light entertainment, interpretive and rhythmic ribbon; and two third places in her qualifying level, Beta, and in stroking;

• Rosy Kauffman placed second in dramatic spotlight, interpretive and rhythmic ribbon;  third in  her qualifying level, Delta; and fourth in stroking;

 • Natalie Farren and Zoey Magee competed together in a couple’s spotlight, placing second;

• Yumin Yi placed third in character spotlight;

• Kaiah and Amakah Stineff competed in light entertainment and got first and fifth place; and

• Coach Mckinzie Parker competed in artistic and received second place.

“Our program is all about developing better figure skaters and building up their confidence, giving them an outlet for creativity and just overall personal growth as they work up in the levels that ISI (Ice Skating Institute) has,” wrote Megan Magee, another coach in the program, in an email. “Each session our goals as coaches are to teach them the moves that they need in order to pass that levels test so they can move up in levels and gain more confidence. It’s so much about having fun and letting your personality come out in your figure skating.”