Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

The Homer Chamber of Commerce took ownership of its building on the Homer Bypass, the Kachemak Bay Business and Visitor Resource Center. Built by Smokey Bay Construction, it replaced the former chamber office, a trailer. The federal government provided $300,000 of the $419,000 cost of the building since part of it will be used for business counseling. The main part of the building included a large space for visitor interaction. About $51,000 in costs was paid for through the “Founders Floor” capital campaign. Names of donors were engraved around the edge of the “Founders Floor” mosaic created by Homer artist Pam Brodie.

Getting the building done was a dream come true for the chamber, said then-Executive Director Derotha Ferraro.

“It never could have been done without the support of the community,” she said.

— From the issue of Jan. 18, 2001

30 years ago

Exxon’s claim that a Homer man stole one of its Mustang suits just didn’t float with a Homer jury. The jury rejected Exxon’s claim that the man stole a flotation suit he got when he worked as a skiff operator duirng oil spill clean up. The defendant said Exxon and its subcontractor, Veco International, pushed the theft charge to get back at him for his criticism of its clean up work. Veco claimed the man stole the suit when he refused to give it back after he was fired in April 1990.

The defendant testified that he was framed when an Exxon security agent asked to buy an oil-stained Mustang suit from him. Jurors also questioned why if the suits were for loan Exxon and Veco didn’t have employees sign for them.

One juror said of Exxon, “He probably got under their skin and didn’t like it.”

— From the issue of Jan. 24, 1991

50 years ago

The issue of Jan. 21, 1971, is missing from the Homer News archives.