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Choir for Peace seeks art

Choir for Peace, a collaboration between the Kenai Peninsula Community Chorus under the umbrella of Pier One Theatre and the Homer High School Concert Choir, seeks art on the theme “‘Peace: personal, community, or global” to be displayed in the Commons of the Homer High School Mariner Theatre at concerts on May 3 and 4.

The Choir for Peace project brings together people from Homer, Anchor Point, Fritz Creek, and Soldotna, with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, political and religious beliefs, and singing experience.

The choir’s goal is to use the power of music and the arts to spread peace and kindness, beginning with ourselves and working outward into the community and the world.

Art on display at the Choir for Peace concerts will be for sale, with proceeds donated to the Global Arts Corps.

GAC ( is an international community of artists who use the transformative power of theater to bring together people from opposite sides of violent conflict, unrest and war.

GAC uses theatre as a catalyst for dialogue, as a way to shift perspectives, and as a means through which to bring about understanding, tolerance, and empathy.

Art submissions should be an original artwork, poem, or prose on a postcard or any 4-inch-by-6-inch heavy weight paper.

Drawings, photographs, paintings, printmaking, and mixed media are welcome. Sign and print name on back only of art.

Also, indicate the top with an arrow. Complete a submission form which can be downloaded from the Pier One Theatre website ( or picked up at the Pier One Theatre office above the Homer Bookstore. Please complete a separate form for each submission.

Mail artwork and forms by the postmark deadline of Monday, March 18, to Pier One Theatre, Inc., 332 E. Pioneer Ave., #3, Homer, AK 99603, or bring art work to the Pier One Theatre office, located above the Homer Bookstore, by Friday, March 29.

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