‘On the Wing’ is next Thursday

“On the Wing,” Homer’s annual celebration of birds and spring through poetry and music, starts off the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival at 7:30 p.m. May 7 at the Homer Theatre. With an all-ages roster, performers range from elder poet Nancy Levinson to Fireweed Academy kindergarteners. Sunrise Sjoeberg has organized the concert, with a lineup that includes Lorraine Haas tap-dancing to the Seaside Singers, the Homer Ukulele Group, Michael Murray and Sam Smith doing solo songs, and fiddling by Lindianne Sarno. Multicultural music includes an Italian-Swiss medley, the Little Fiddlers singing in German and a special treat of Lillian Walli’s great-grandchildren singing in Finnish. Other music includes the Ann, Louise and Sunrise Trio appearing as “The Wailing Birders.”

Nina Faust presents her video, “The Goose Who Thought He was a Crane.” Poets include Maka and Mike Fairman, new Girdwood poet Jackie Stefano and Milli Martin, Nancy Levinson, Jeanne Steele, Carol Dee, Shane Kilcher and Maureen Sullivan. “On the Wing” is a fundraiser for the Shorebird Conservation and Education fund and supports the Junior Birders program, viewing platforms and trails. Admission is $10.