Pet of the Week: Regarding wildlife safety and dogs

Pet of the Week: Regarding wildlife safety and dogs

A message for the public:

We live in an amazing place where we are lucky enough to coexist with incredible wildlife and have miles of beaches to run and play. Please keep your dogs contained.

We are seeing more and more posts on Facebook about loose dogs, aggressive dogs, dogs harassing our wild friends, and we are done with warnings. We work hard to try and make our town safe from rogue dogs, but if you don’t call us, we can’t help.

This is an extremely sensitive time of year so keep ol’ Bowser leashed. Please. If you see a dog chasing something it’s not supposed to, or running alone down the road, give us a call at 235-3141. Our friends at the Homer Police Department and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are ready to help us keep our wild friends, and our community, safe. Thank you!

To make an appointment to visit the Pet of the Week, call the Animal Shelter at 907-235-3141.