Spring Cabaret starts season in song, style

With the advent of spring comes the return of many beloved Homer staples: warmer temperatures, an increase in population and this year, the reoccurrence of the spring Cabaret. 

Now in its second year, this spring’s edition boasts an ensemble of 13 vocal performers, a four-member live band, and a directorial team composed of three Homer High School alumnae: Katelyn Wythe, Hannah Heimbuch and Jennifer Norton. 

“I’m thrilled that these young women have the opportunity to direct,” said Homer Council On the Arts Executive Director Gail Edgerly. “They are a dream team of local women who have come back and are trying to make a life here.” 

The heart of the spring Cabaret is a dual passion for community and the love of performance. The Cabaret is a fundraiser for the HCOA summer HomerARTS Camp for kids, said Edgerly.

 The performance is set to take place in the Wasabi’s Fusion lower level at 8 p.m. Friday, April 17, and Saturday, April 18. Boasting a broad range of traditional and contemporary music performed with cabaret flair in solo and ensemble pieces and a cast of Homer residents broadly ranging in age and performance experience, the show promises to be quite the occasion. 

“What I love about doing the Cabaret at Wasabi’s is that you are in this long room, it’s dimly lit, there is some really cool artwork, an elegant long bar along one side of the room,” said co-director Heimbuch. “And it just feels very right for this piano-bar Cabaret atmosphere.” 

Building on last year’s momentum, this spring’s show hopes to please, surprise and inspire its audience members, by example, to reach outside of themselves. Included in the vocal lineup is each and every one of the women directing it.

“Everyone is really supportive,” said co-director Norton. “That’s the really cool thing; you get people who have never thought to do this before and now they are jumping out there.”

The definition of “cabaret” is “entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eats or drinks at tables,” but this one aspires to be much more. 

Community members are encouraged to show up, dress up and to get involved for many years to come as an audience, community and — in the future for the brave and daring — as performers. 

“What I hope is that this show happens every year, that it is a little different every year — different music, different performers,” said Heimbuch. “I would love to see it keep evolving and to really be an annual spring Cabaret.”

The show will span roughly two hours, features a silent auction during intermission. To the delight of all involved, this year they have a very adept live band. 

“Something that we have this year that they didn’t have last year is that we have a band,” said Norton. “Shelly Erickson is directing it and is on the piano and she is amazing. We couldn’t do it without her.”


For more information contact Homer Council On the Arts at 907-235-4288 or send an email to hcoa@homerart.org. Tickets are $18 for HCOA members and $25 for the general public. Tickets can be purchased at HCOA or at The Homer Bookstore and must be purchased in advance. Tickets include a 15 percent discount on a pre-show dinner entrée, reservations strongly encouraged. 

Spring Cabaret

wHEN: 8 p.m. 

Friday, April 17, and Saturday, April 18

WHERE: Wasabi’s Fusion

Tickets: HCOA members, $18; general, $25

Ticket includes 15 percent discount on pre-show dinner entree. Reservations strongly encouraged. Tickets available online at homerart.org, at Homer Council on the Arts and The Homer Bookstore.

Directors: Hannah Heimbuch, Jennifer Norton and Katelyn Wythe

Fundraiser: Proceeds support this summer’s HomerARTS Camp for kids

Bonus: Drawing each night for free tickets to The Second City on May 1 at the Mariner Theatre


The Band:

Hal Spence – Guitar

Shelly Erickson – Piano

Marjo Cardon – Bass

Cody Davidson – Drums


Sound and Lights Technician:
Michael Hurd

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