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Homer's Best Bets

Judging by the lines at local garages, some of you seemed surprised that it snowed Monday night. You do realize you can get your tires changed over on Oct. 1, don’t you? Yeah, yeah, the Betster forgot, too. Well, not forgot. You know how life gets. The fall punch list gets a little long, probably because there are so many items on the summer punch list that just didn’t get done.

Homer's Best Bets

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It’s been a rough week here at our quaint little cosmic hamlet by the sea. With the town in a hullabaloo over some nastiness that
happened last month at a teen drinking party, things have been a bit tense. We’ve held town meetings, written letters to the editor and dashed off screeds online. In between we’ve cried, prayed, hugged and hopefully listened to each other.


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