Letters to the editor

Trail access should be protected I own a cabin in Homer and I hike the section line that would be affected by the the Dorothy… Continue reading


Letters to the editor

Trawler fleets to blame for king salmon losses In reference to a July 26 letter in the Anchorage Daily News, “Kings need our help,” Mr. Fjelstad… Continue reading


Special bird tape on windows can help reduce collisions of birds flying into the glass. (Photo provided)

What just hit my window?

The following is the latest in a monthly series of articles about birds and birding, celebrating The Year of the Bird, 2018, with authors from… Continue reading


Public trails should be protected in Dorothy Drive area

Thanks to the Homer News for reporting on the proposal to vacate a portion of public right of way in the Gruening Vista subdivision off… Continue reading

Homer News Letters to the Editor

We’ll be back Thirty years ago our family left Homer and headed to California, after an incredibly lucky break when Tom, who was editor of… Continue reading

Flo Larson

Music in our spheres

Recently in my home state, I stood on a butte and looked over the green, green geography of the magnificent Badlands of western North Dakota,… Continue reading

Flo Larson

Homer News Letters to the Editor

Thanks for Elks Scholarship I would like to thank the Homer Elks Club for its generous contribution to my education. I am very grateful to… Continue reading

Homer, Alaska: Letters to the editor

I ask everyone in our community to “be yourself” and work hard to accept others for who they are. The diverse viewpointsexpressed in Homer are what make us strong. We can be diverse. Respectful. Equal. And, yes, inclusive.

A cat with a dead bird. (Photo with permission from Clare Nielsen American Bird Conservatory Birds)

Point of View: No cat left outdoors

Birds lead a busy and precarious life. When they aren’t spending their time and energy in search of food, building a nest, defending their territories,… Continue reading

A cat with a dead bird. (Photo with permission from Clare Nielsen American Bird Conservatory Birds)

Homer, Alaska: Letters to the editor

Why I marched with Pride I attended high school in Houston, Texas in the late 1970s. I remember sitting in class more than once listening… Continue reading

Point of View: Legislation addresses opioid addiction

Alaska is facing a public health emergency due to opioid-based pain killers. Alaskans are dying and families are suffering. I joined other lawmakers to take… Continue reading

Letters to the editor

Mayor Zak did right thing by standing up to prejudice I notice that several of the critics of our mayor’s Pride Month proclamation claim that their… Continue reading

After attacks on journalists, we remain defiant

We’re not going to grumble about our jobs as journalists. Yeah, the industry has been stressed lately, and we’ve toiled under tight budgets and with… Continue reading

Letters to the editor

Litmus tests Three council members didn’t attend the June 11 council meeting, presumably because they didn’t want to cause a controversy; they “forced a meeting… Continue reading

Nonprofit needs for June

Nonprofit needs The Kenai Peninsula Fair needs about 100 pallets for Mary’s Garden. They also are also looking for donations of flower and other starts.… Continue reading

The Community built the SPARC; the SPARC builds Community

In the spring of 2015, Homer parents Lisa and Daniel Zatz were frustrated that no place was available for their son and his friends to… Continue reading

Vote ‘yes’ on Prop 1 for new cop shop

A few weeks ago the security alarm at the Homer News went off on a Saturday. We’ve always known the Homer Police work hard to… Continue reading

Teresa Sundmark (Photo provided)

Canceled meeting highlights importance of Pride MonthCouncil member’s actions had far reaching effects

My daughter called from a rest stop an hour south of Philadelphia last week. She’s just finished her first year as a teacher, and is… Continue reading

Teresa Sundmark (Photo provided)

Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘no’ on Prop. 1 No, we do not want to pay for a new police station. We are still paying for a botched up… Continue reading

Herring sizes down as season progresses

Herring fisheries are moving up the coast to Kodiak, Cook Inlet and the Bering Sea, after the Sitka Sound herring fishery was shut down with… Continue reading