Strong sockeye run predicted for ’13 season

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is predicting another strong run of sockeye salmon to Upper Cook Inlet next season, on the heels of two above-average years.

The forecast is for a return of 6.7 million sockeye to all river systems and a harvest by all user groups of 4.9 million sockeye, 1.1 million fish above the UCI 20-year average of a 3.8 million sockeye harvest. 

The 2012 harvest was 4.4 million sockeye by all user groups.

Many tanner crab areas closed; quotas reduced


The bairdi tanner crab season in Kodiak and along the Alaska Peninsula continues its quota yo-yo this year with quotas either down or areas closed entirely when the season begins Jan. 15.

On Kodiak Island, only two areas out of eight are open, the east side and southeast sections, for a total of 660,000 pounds, down from 950,000 pounds in 2012 and 1.47 million pounds in 2011.

NMFS hikes fees used for enforcement

The National Marine Fisheries Service added insult to injury to the halibut fleet, which is potentially facing another round of drastic cuts to the quotas, by increasing the cost recovery fee that covers fisheries enforcement as well as other expenses related to fishery management.

NMFS announced that it raised the fee from 1.6 percent of the ex-vessel value of the catch to 2.1 percent, a 25 percent increase.

Forecast for Bristol Bay sockeye run down from ’12

The Alaska Board of Fisheries met this week in Naknek as residents and other permit holders were grappling with a sockeye forecast for 2013 that is down 20 percent from what was a less-than-robust run in 2012.

Perhaps as a result of that forecast, the board took a cautious approach to some of the proposed changes such as increasing the escapement goals for some area rivers.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game forecast for sockeye harvest in Bristol Bay is 16.6 million fish, down from the 20.6 million caught in 2012.

Changes to observer program criticized

A large cross section of Alaska fishing groups, including the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, the Alaska Marine Conservation Alliance, the Petersburg Vessel Owner’s Association and the North Pacific Fishermen’s Association have signed on to a letter protesting the implementation of changes to the North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program that are set to go into effect in January.

Strong run of pinks forecast for Southeast


The 2013 pink salmon season in Southeast Alaska is expected to be a good one, with a projected harvest of 54 million pinks.

While that number is significantly higher than the most recent 10-year average of 37 million pinks, it is only slightly above the average of the past five odd-year harvests of 51 million fish.

Pink salmon returns in Southeast are stronger on odd years.

Task force members named to study Kenai’s late run of kings


The Alaska Board of Fisheries members in charge of filling seats on a task force to recommend adjustments to the Kenai River Late-Run King Salmon Management Plan have announced their choices. 

Task force co-chairs Vince Webster and Tom Kluberton have picked setnetters Jim Butler III, Ken Coleman and Robert Williams; drifter Ian Pitzman; sport fishermen Kevin Delaney and Dwight Kramer; sport guide Andy Szczesny; personal use fisherman Dennis Gease; and marine recreation user Luther Anderson. 


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