Top 7 Best Liver Health Supplements to Try (2024)

Poor liver health is something that many people in the modern world will have to deal with. However, while people coping with severe liver cirrhosis or liver damage caused by things like a drug-induced injury will know they have a problem, many people will not realize there is anything wrong at first.

Symptoms of liver damage or poor liver health include feeling tired or weak, having no appetite or sex drive, yellowing of the skin or eyes, itchy skin, nausea, vomiting, or an upset stomach. While you should visit a healthcare professional if your symptoms are severe, most people can go more naturally.

Some people will try to eat a more balanced diet, not drink alcohol, or consume liver cleanses like beef liver capsules or apple cider vinegar. Still, detox supplements made from herbal ingredients and other protective antioxidants are the most natural and effective way to promote liver health.

The only issue is that with so many different liver supplements on the market, it can often be hard to know which one to use. That is why we have made the following guide to the best liver supplements available to help you find the perfect one to add to your supplement regimen to achieve liver support.

The Top 7 Best Liver Supplements

  • LeberCure
  • Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair Support
  • NOW Double Strength Milk Thistle Extract
  • GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle
  • EThistle For Liver Wellness
  • LifeSeasons Therapeutics Puri-T Liver Support
  • Purify Life Sugar-Free Milk Thistle Gummies



LeberCure is a relatively new liver support supplement marketed as German engineering for your body. It is designed to directly promote optimal liver health while delivering a range of additional health benefits that also boost your overall health and promote a healthy liver in more indirect ways.

This product is designed to safeguard the liver from harmful toxins, enhance the body’s innate detoxification mechanism, mitigate inflammation and the chances of liver illness, enhance digestion, prevent bloating, facilitate weight loss, and bolster the immune system against diseases, thus keeping the body and liver healthy.

The LeberCure liver health formula consists of Sourplast chloroplast complex, artichoke leaf 4:1 extract, milk thistle, dandelion root 4:1 extract, Protease SP, and lipase. All of these ingredients are natural and clinically proven to work, and they are present in highly potent extracts and their optimal dosages.

Chloroplasts are cells found in plants that are rich in antioxidants, enzymes, and chlorophyll. These chloroplasts are essential nutrients the human body can’t produce alone. They will promote detoxification of the liver by removing toxins and combating oxidative damage while giving you more energy.

Artichoke extract can improve bile secretion and fat digestion and lower cholesterol levels. This promotes healthy liver function by constantly flushing it out and allowing it to work correctly while boosting your energy levels by processing fat more effectively.

Milk thistle extract comes from the seed of the silybum marianum plant. Complementary and integrative health studies have repeatedly shown it prevents liver toxicity, aids liver detoxification and regeneration, supports liver health and weight loss, and treats inflammation, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Dandelion root extract is high in potassium and benefits the human body in many ways. It can prevent bloating and water retention, flush out toxins and excess fluids, improve digestion, reduce liver stress, aid liver detoxification, protect the pancreas, and enhance gut and liver health and functions.

Protease SP comprises the fungus Aspergillus oryzae and the probiotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis. Aspergillus oryzae makes it easier for the body to digest the foods you consume in your diet, and Bacillus subtilis furthers this process while neutralizing any toxins said foods may contain.

When the two are used in combination like they are here, they are especially good at helping the body break down protein. This relieves much of the stress on the liver, as protein breakdown is one of its primary functions, leading to significantly improved liver function and overall liver health.

Lipase is one of the most important digestive enzymes; the human body produces it naturally in the mouth, pancreas, and stomach. Its main job is to improve the health of your intestines by helping the digestive tract break down and absorb the fat you consume in your diet.

Taking extra lipase can help keep the digestive system healthy, combat celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, and chronic indigestion, relieve stress on the liver, boost your energy levels, and aid weight loss.

A diverse formula and ability to support liver health while detoxifying the liver, boosting weight loss and your energy levels, and supporting your overall health combine to make LeberCure easily the best liver support supplement on the market today. That’s before we even mention its very reasonable price tag.


  • Its diverse formula allows it to support liver health in a variety of ways
  • All of its ingredients are proven to work and present in potent extracts and their optimal dosages
  • Offers additional health benefits, such as improved digestion, weight loss, and energy levels
  • Reasonably priced


  • As one of the newer liver supplements, reviews from past users are somewhat limited.
  • Must be bought directly from the official LeberCure website

Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair Support


Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair is one of the better liver detox supplements on the market for people who believe that an inability to process fats may be what is causing their poor liver health. This is often a common cause in people who are suffering from things like digestive or gallbladder issues.

The Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair formula contains choline bitartrate, milk thistle extract, ox bile extract, SAM-e, turmeric root extract, coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, and BioPerine black pepper extract.

Milk thistle will again prevent liver toxicity, aid liver detoxification and regeneration, boost weight loss, support liver health, and combat inflammation, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as it did in LeberCure.

Choline bitartrate is a chemical that can improve your brain and liver health, and some studies say it is beneficial for treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

It can improve lipid metabolism, nutrient breakdown, fat loss, muscle contractions, memory recall and retention, brain signals, motivation, cognitive performance, and the ability to focus and learn.

Ox bile extract is included in the Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair fatty liver formula as it is shown to be very good at promoting the digestion and absorption of dietary fats, which takes a great deal of strain off of the gut and liver, improving their health and functions in the process.

SAM-e (s-adenosylmethionine) is a compound required for many metabolic processes in the blood. Taking it in supplements is said to either prevent or treat depression, high blood sugar, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and liver disease, although some benefits are more proven than others.

Turmeric root extract comes from the Curcuma longa plant and contains curcumin, well-known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help neutralize free radicals, prevent oxidative stress and damage, and reduce inflammation throughout the body and the liver.

Coenzyme Q10 is a chemical that humans produce naturally, preventing heart failure, chest pain, high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, mental decline, fluid build-up, and aiding healthy aging.

It is also known to reduce liver inflammation in people suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, improve renal function in people with kidney disease, lower blood sugar levels, and boost vascular functions in type II diabetics almost as effectively as some diabetes medications would do.

Astaxanthin is an aquatic carotenoid that reduces inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage. It boosts the health of your liver, connective tissues, heart, hair, skin, and eyes, prevents brain fog, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, and supports the immune system.

BioPerine is a black pepper extract that contains the alkaloid piperine, which is a potent bioavailability enhancer. Combining it with turmeric can help with maintaining optimal liver function and health. It is primarily used in liver supplements to enhance ingredient absorption and effectiveness.

Admittedly, with the Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair formula focusing so heavily on one area, it will not be able to help a healthy person maintain normal liver function or liver health quite as effectively as liver supplements that use a much more diverse formula.

However, suppose you are suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and are looking for a product to treat the issue and help you regain healthy liver function. In that case, Dr. Berg Liver Cleanse Detox Repair is one of the best liver detox supplements for you to try, especially as it is also extremely reasonably priced.


  • One of the best liver detox supplements for treating certain liver conditions
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Contains only natural ingredients


  • Only capable of notably supporting liver function in people dealing with a fatty liver disease

NOW Double Strength Milk Thistle Extract


NOW is a well-known brand for its somewhat plain yet highly potent and affordable supplements, and NOW Double Strength Milk Thistle Extract is a perfect example of this. It is also vegan, kosher, halal friendly, and GMO, soy, nut, gluten, egg, and dairy free, so virtually everybody can use it.

Its formula consists of a potent dose of milk thistle extract, dandelion root extract, and artichoke extract. We saw all of these ingredients in LeberCure, and they will again provide the same benefits, just to differing degrees, due to the different dosages used.

They will improve bile secretion, fat digestion, cholesterol levels, liver health and functions, energy levels, liver detoxification and regeneration, weight loss, inflammation, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, water processing, stress levels, and gut and pancreas health and functions.

It should be noted that while the milk thistle is used in a potent dose, the dandelion root and artichoke extract are both present in dosages that are a little lower than ideal. At the same time, the diversity of the formula is a little lacking as well, although this should not be overly surprising, given its meager price tag.

While NOW Double Strength Milk Thistle Extract will not be the right liver support supplement for everyone, it is one of the best options for people looking for liver supplements while shopping on a very tight budget.


  • It contains a potent dose of milk thistle extract
  • All of its ingredients are proven to provide liver support
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Vegan, kosher, and halal friendly, and GMO, soy, nut, gluten, egg, and dairy-free


  • Most of its ingredient dosages are a little on the low side
  • The formula is not diverse enough to benefit the liver in as many ways as some liver supplements

GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle


GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle contains only an extremely potent 1300 dose.

This ensures it can deliver its benefits, including preventing liver toxicity, aiding the detoxification and regeneration of the liver and enzymes, boosting weight loss, supporting liver health, and treating inflammation, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Most people can safely use this vegetarian supplement free from sugar, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, yeast, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It is also reasonably priced, so it should be attainable even to those shopping on quite a tight budget.

The one obvious issue with the GNC Herbal Plus supplement is that it’s only active ingredient is milk thistle. This means while the compound is admittedly very effective, the range of effects it can produce is far more limited than more diverse supplements.

However, if you want a liver detox that involves only milk thistle and a healthy diet, the GNC Herbal Plus supplement is one of the best liver supplements for you to try.


  • It contains a potent dose of milk thistle
  • Reasonably priced


  • Containing only a single ingredient limits the number of ways in which it can benefit you.

EThistle For Liver Wellness


EThistle For Liver Wellness is a supplement combining the widely used milk thistle with a potent dose of vitamin E. While it will again deliver all of its usual benefits, vitamin E will support your liver and overall health.

Vitamin E can reduce inflammation, keep the liver, heart, and skin healthy, prevent brittle bones, boost the immune system and metabolism, reduce the risk of mental decline and various diseases, improve your hormonal balance, and increase nitric oxide and testosterone production and levels.

Now, the fact that it only contains two ingredients is a little worrying, regardless of how effective they are, as a less diverse formula will always lead to a smaller range of potential effects. Meanwhile, the price is also a little high when considering what the pills contain.

However, suppose you want to rely solely on vitamins and well-known and proven herbal extracts to help keep your liver healthy and functioning correctly. In that case, EThistle For Liver Wellness can still be a perfect option for you to try.


  • It contains potent doses of two proven, natural ingredients


  • A minimal formula limits the range of potential benefits it can offer
  • Quite expensive for what it is

LifeSeasons Therapeutics Puri-T Liver Support


LifeSeasons Therapeutics Puri-T Liver Support is a supplement to enhance liver function, promote liver detoxification, help the body combat free radical damage, and support healthy bile flow.

The LifeSeasons Therapeutics Puri-T Liver Support formula contains n-acetyl cysteine, resveratrol, milk thistle, turmeric, and artichoke extract.

While we have repeatedly seen the latter three ingredients, common in liver supplements and will again produce the same benefits, the first two ingredients are unique to this particular product.

L-cysteine is a semi-essential amino acid that produces protein, liver enzymes, and specific antioxidants and minerals. It can combat free radicals, prevent oxidative damage and stress, and reduce inflammation levels throughout the body, including in the liver.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory most often found in grapevines and grape seeds.

It can reduce inflammation, prevent oxidative damage and stress, combat arthritis, keep the gut, heart, liver, and nervous system healthy, improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels and insulin and glucose sensitivity, aid fat loss, and treat diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and some other chronic illnesses.

While the formula is reasonably diverse and the price tag is very appealing, a lack of any stated ingredient dosages is quite concerning, as it makes it impossible to know precisely how much of each is present or what effects they will produce.

However, suppose you want to use a supplement with anti-inflammatory compounds to prevent a damaged liver from worsening. In that case, LifeSeasons Therapeutics Puri-T Liver Support may still be one of the better options for you to try.


  • Contains a diverse range of natural ingredients proven to benefit the liver or reduce inflammation
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Not listing any ingredient dosages makes it impossible to determine precisely what effect each will have.

Purify Life Sugar-Free Milk Thistle Gummies


For one reason or another, some people do not want to swallow traditional pills or capsules, so they have to find other ways to take supplements. There may not be a better way of doing this regarding liver health than with Purify Life Sugar-Free Milk Thistle Gummies.

Packed with nothing but a potent dose of one of the most well-known and influential ingredients for supporting the health and functions of your liver, these great-tasting gummies will deliver all of the benefits the compound is known for while being enjoyable to use and not need you to swallow pills.

As we have seen before, using only a single ingredient means you will not see anywhere near the range of effects that a much more diverse formula would produce.

However, suppose you are intent on not using traditional pills or capsules but still want to take care of your liver. In that case, Purify Life Sugar-Free Milk Thistle Gummies is likely the best option you have available to try, especially as it is also extremely reasonably priced.


  • It contains nothing but a potent dose of pure milk thistle
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Containing only a single ingredient severely limits the range of benefits the gummies will produce

Final Thoughts on The Top 7 Best Liver Supplements

Liver supplements made using natural ingredients are a great way to support liver function without the risk of any allergic reactions or nasty side effects. Many good liver supplements are on the market, although the best for most people is LeberCure.

Reasonably priced and full of optimal doses of potent and proven ingredients like milk thistle, dandelion root, and artichoke extracts, it can support liver function, restore liver enzyme levels, and help produce new liver cells, providing all-round liver support and boost your liver health in almost every way possible.

If, for any reason, it does not sound like the right liver supplement for you, then one of the other liver supplements on our list surely will do. For everyone else, though, we highly recommend that you try LeberCure and see how effective a liver detox supplement is.


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