Rei Beams: Dear Santa, are you ready for Christmas? Can you bring me candy? Thank you.

Kindergartners write letters of love and toys to Santa, part two

  • By Anna Frost
  • Wednesday, December 21, 2016 5:24pm
  • News

Santa sent over more letters from Paul Banks Elementary School’s kindergarten class, by way of teacher Wendy Todd. This week’s kids have some wishes in common. Two little ones pine for a dog stuffed animal, while another plies Santa with a loving greeting in hopes of getting a race car. One bold youngster dares to inquire on the number of presents that will be under the tree and draws a picture to illustrate his hopes.

Andrew Marley: Dear Santa, how many presents are we going to have? Can I have a football please?

Emmett Lewis: Dear Santa, I love you. Can you bring me a race car?

Autumn Read: Dear Santa, do you live at the North Pole? Can you give me a Hatchable please?

Johnny Stepp: Dear Santa, I want a dog (a toy dog). Can I also have a toy house?

Sullivan Shelby: Dear Santa, can your reindeer fly? I want a big stuffed animal husky please.