Cable series seeks couple for ‘off the grid’ love show

She’s a rugged Alaska wilderness guide living in a remote cabin at the head of Kachemak Bay. He’s a Seattle tech worker with a Fremont loft apartment. They met on a kayaking trip in Tutka Bay and fell in love. Is he ready to start the next step in their relationship by moving in with her off the grid?

Though fictional, that’s the kind of couple Sharp Entertainment seeks for an eight- to 10-episode documentary video series now in casting. To be broadcast on a major cable network, the show features a half-dozen couples who live completely different lifestyles. Sharp Entertainment seeks unmarried couples living disparate lives: someone who lives “off the grid” on a farm, in the mountains or in a remote cabin paired with someone from a big city or suburb. The show will follow the city-goers as they move in with their nature-loving, outdoorsy partner and try to assimilate their separate lifestyles into one.

Though the show is looking nationwide for cast members, casting director Easton Edwin said she welcomes potential Alaska applicants.

“I love Alaska. It’s probably one of my favorite states in the U.S.,” she said in a phone interview last Thursday. “Just seeing how beautiful the state is — it would be amazing.”

Sharp Entertainment has produced popular cable network shows like “Punkin Chunkin,” “Doomsday Prepper,” and the “90-day Fiance” series.

If interested, email Sharp Entertainment at for more information.