Gold Diggers win Play Like Crazy volleyball tourney

The annual “Play Like Crazy” community coed volleyball tournament rounded out two days of intense, fun play on Saturday evening with a tournament win for the Gold Diggers, a team made up of mostly Homer High students. 

The championship game pitted them against Homer E-Z Pass, an eclectic group of community athletes of all ages, who were undefeated until that final match-up.

Homer High seniors McKi Needham and Kelly Liebers coached the Gold Diggers to victory. They’ve coached nearly the same group of players for all four years they’ve participated in the tourney. 

The coaches praised their team for its flexibility, saying, “They were always working with a different lineup and at one point they only had five players on the floor.” 

The girls also awarded an honorable mention to Sharon Needham for bringing pizza and doughnuts to fuel the players.

Fellow Homer High players Malina Fellows, Mary Bowe and Izabelle Hagge coached E-Z Pass. Their team plays in the rec league during the regular season, so the coaches said the players took direction very well. They’re proud of their team, and look forward to coaching again next year.

The tournament, which honors Homer’s first volleyball coach, Alice Witte, included eight teams with nearly 60 participants in total.

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