Naughtycal Dreams will soon open for tours by the hour of Kachemak Bay

The Stuart Cigarette boat is the only one operating in Alaska waters

Naughtycal Dreams Offshore Adventures, operated by Sandy and Kira Stuart, will open for tours of Kachemak Bay as soon as a few last-minute details are completed in the next week. The Naughtycal Dreams is a Scarab Cigarette vessel, one of the most respected styles of powerboats designed for speed. Sandy Stuart first went for a ride on this type of vessel, a performance boat, between a couple of crab openings when he was fishing off the coast of Oregon when he was still in his late teenage years many decades ago. His interest has lasted ever since and is what eventually became the genesis of the new company.

“I thought about it for a long time but never talked about it with Kira until we were down in Miami visiting some friends and seeing all these boats again up-close. Then we visited my sister in Michigan and it just got me thinking. I just had this crazy idea,” Sandy Stuart said.

“I just said, ‘keep dreaming.’ These boats are expensive and we weren’t sure how to get things started. But, we secured some financing, and we got things started,” Kira Stuart said.

The Stuarts found the boat from a man who was already planning to send the 1995 boat to Carter’s Powerboats in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma that is renowned primarily for restoring these kind of vessels, older Cigarette models of the Scarab brand.

The couple made three trips to Oklahoma while the boat was in restoration in 2022. It was finished in July 2022 and Sandy Stuart went down to retrieve it and tow it back to Homer. Since then he has continued to make improvements and replacements to the 27-year-old boat.

“There was just a lot of old equipment and wiring that need replacement. We spent all winter working on it and now we’re almost ready to say ‘we’re open for business,’” Stuart said.

The business is going to entail small group tours by the hour of Kachemak Bay.

“We’re just going to offer simple fast boat rides to see whatever people want to check out in the Bay. We want to give people an option for getting on the water who might not want to go fishing all day or don’t necessarily need a water taxi to any particular place. Or maybe they just have a few hours to kill and want to get on the water,” Sandy Stuart said.

“I imagine just zooming up somewhere, just killing the engine. Taking some great pictures and zooming back to the dock,” Kira Stuart said.

This boat offers a unique experience. According to Sandy Stuart, this is the only Cigarette boat in the state of Alaska. The Stuarts have an article about their boat published in the August 2022 magazine “Speed on the Water” and the person they worked with for that article suggested that the Naughtycal Dreams is possibly the most northerly Cigarette boat in the world. Kira Stuart looked up registration for the vessels in Europe and found some in Norway and Sweden but “they are 200 or 300 miles south of Homer,” Sandy said.

When asked why, Sandy responded, “This is just traditionally a warm-water vessel. I think people have the misperception that you can’t take a boat like this out in the rain. They are definitely sea-worthy and designed to race offshore. The hull is designed for open-water racing.”

Tours will be starting this summer. The business is still waiting for their life-raft to arrive and to complete the Coast Guard safety rating. The boat can carry four people comfortably.

The website for the Stuart business is People interested in tours can find more information there and a few other publications featuring the boat.