Years Ago

20 years ago

Megan Corazza borrowed almost $200,000 to invest in the net — the seine net, not the Internet. At 21-years-old, she’s one of the youngest salmon seine fishermen in Prince William Sound. A third generation fisherman, she follows the heritage of her grandfather, Stanley Woodman, and her parents, Sonja and Rich Corazza. She grew up fishing, starting at 17 days old when she went out on her parents’ halibut boat.

— From the issue of June 8, 2000

30 years ago

As the jury trail for accused murderer Odie Walters began in Kenai, his defense attorney said Walters would not dispute that he shot and killed Neal Miller and severely beat his ex-wife on June 2, 1989 in Homer. The trial revolved around Walter’s intent, with his defense claiming that Walters did not intend to kill Miller or attempt to kill his ex-wife. Walters should be convicted instead of criminally negligent homicide and third-degree assault, the defense attorney said in his opening statements.

— From the issue of June 7, 1990

50 years ago

Alaska Congressman Howard W. Pollock’s office announced that the City of Homer would receive a grant-loan of $947,000 from the Farmer’s Home Administration to build a rural community sewer system. The new system was to serve about 200 homes and businesses as well as local schools. The grant was $424,200 while the loan was $522,500, to be repaid in 40 years at 5% interest.

— From the issue of June 4, 1970