Years Ago

20 years ago

Someone vandalized or stole works at the Pratt Museum’s “Facing the Elements” show before the exhibit formally opened. Carla Klinker’s sculpture, “Skin,” a depiction of a burned out log, was reported stolen. Another piece, “Copper River Rejects,” was vandalized, but the artists were able to repair it.

“I feel terribly sad that we can’t trust things out in nature anymore,” said acting museum director Gail Parsons.

— From the issue of June 29, 2000

30 years ago

People camping in a state right-of-way between the Homer Spit Road and designated sites became an ongoing problem. Then Homer Police Chief Mike Daugherty said campers could be in danger if a vehicle crashed off the road — something that had happened before. The Homer Parks and Recreation Department enforced camping on the Spit, collecting fees and warning people where not to camp, but almost as soon as someone left, another tent popped up.

— From the issue of June 28, 1990

50 years ago

State land in the Bear Cove area opened to entry on June 1, 1970. People interested in selecting and acquiring state land on or near Kachemak Bay were advised to check the plats in the Division of Lands office in Anchorage first to determine if a parcel had already been filed on. Specific rules in selecting and staking land also had to be followed.

— From the issue of June 25, 1970