BarxBuddy Busy Ball Reviews: Is Barx Buddy Smart Ball Legit?

Dogs are no different than humans when it comes to experiencing separation anxiety, destructive behavior, or even feelings of boredom. Hence, the same way we would wish to keep active and occupied, dogs should be able to do so as well. But how can pet owners or pet-parents ensure that their babies are directing their attention elsewhere, especially when they are left alone? How can this be facilitated without experiencing any feelings of guilt? This is where it is best to introduce the BarxBuddy Busy Ball.

What is BarxBuddy Busy Ball?

BarxBuddy Busy Ball is a hands-free, smart ball that, as hinted in its name, keeps dogs busy and active when their respective pet owners are not at home. Given that dogs love the attention that they get, a lack thereof can be hard for both the pet parent and the dogs themselves. This innovative ball aims to eliminate such feelings of hopelessness while ensuring that pet parents aren’t as guilty to leave them behind. All things considered, let’s take a closer look at how the BarxBuddy Busy Ball works.

How does BarxBuddy Busy Ball work?

Dogs love whatever toys they have available to them, and balls resonate close to their hearts because of the interaction that they can establish with their owners. What makes the BarxBuddy Busy Ball desirable is that it has built-in motion sensors that allow it to roll and bounce entirely on its own. Such actions are supposedly triggered when a dog touches it with either its nose or paws. To get things rolling, owners will need to follow these crucial steps:

Step 1: Twist

When the BarxBuddy Busy Ball is twisted horizontally, it will reveal a charging port and the “on” button. Once pushed, a green light will illuminate, indicating the completion of the activation process.

Step 2: Place

Once activated, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball needs to be closed and simply placed on the ground. This is where the built-in sensors come into effect, as the curious minds of dogs will naturally lure them closer to the BarxBuddy Busy Ball. Even the smallest action like that of sniffing will get it to move.

Step 3: Play

The closer dogs get to the BarxBuddy Busy Ball, the better its movement. Hence, if they are hesitant to get close, owners will need to encourage them to do so. If this is achieved, then the ball will automatically alternate between rolling and bouncing. From the looks of it, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball mimics the game of fetch, which once again is something that is certain to have dogs pumped and excited.

Step 4: Recharge

When the time to recharge the BarxBuddy Busy Ball comes, it is as simple as twisting the ball and connecting the charging port to any standard USB charging device. In the process, a red light will be illuminated, and once it turns blue, it indicates a full charge.


What makes BarxBuddy Busy Ball unique?

By now, it should be clear that the BarxBuddy Busy Ball constitutes a smart reaction technology that promotes easy activation. Besides technology and ease of use, this ball is attractive because of these main features:

Long-lasting Entertainment

Each BarxBuddy Busy Ball has the potential to last up to 8 hours, which should suffice to not only keep dogs up and busy on their paws, but to also exhaust them into a nap. Before you know it, their owners will be back home and can give their dogs the attention they seek for.

Built to Last & Increased Safety

The BarxBuddy Busy Ball has been built to last thanks to food-grade and non-toxic materials. In fact, dogs are likely to chew at them and this is perfectly fine, as the selected materials are not only safe, but are deemed tear-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Randomized Pattern

To keep dogs going, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball has been engineered to produce random patterns between rolling, bouncing, and in certain cases, romping. There really is no way for them to keep track of possible trends because there’s no such thing. Again, this maximizes their activeness, while giving their brains something to concentrate on.

Highly Self-Maneuverable

For those of you who are wondering what will happen if the BarxBuddy Busy Ball gets stuck in a corner. Well, the embedded technology is trusted to avoid this and allows the ball to maneuver, anticipate hurdles, and make moves accordingly. Clearly, the embedded technology is likely to keep dogs consistently entertained.

Automatic Rest Mode

When the BarxBuddy Busy Ball does not detect any motion, it will automatically go into rest mode until it senses a dog’s presence again. This is an essential feature, as it maximizes its life before requiring further charging. Above all, if owners must step out for work, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball needs to be operative for that period so that dogs aren’t left to feel alone.

BarxBuddy Busy Ball Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What happens if BarxBuddy Busy Ball either breaks or becomes defective?

A: As stated on the official website, “unless your dog is a T.rex, it’s highly unlikely he/she will be able to destroy the BarxBuddy Busy Ball,” therefore, physical damage is clearly deemed rare if not, impossible event. In terms of defects, limited lifetime warranties can be purchased at checkout. These should cover defects in materials and workmanship. For clarity, individuals are recommended to contact the customer service team.

Q: How long will it take to receive BarxBuddy Busy Ball shipments?

A: All BarxBuddy Busy Ball orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving them. Once shipped out, a confirmation email with the crucial tracking information will be sent out. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere between 7 and 10 business days to receive said shipments. In fact, some locations may require a bit more time, so patience is key here.

Q: Is it possible for a dog not to react to BarxBuddy Busy Ball?

A: The team behind the BarxBuddy Busy Ball affirms that all dogs will be lured into playing with the ball, but there may be some dogs that are naturally not attracted to the game of fetch. If the latter is the case, then the BarxBuddy Busy Ball is not a suitable toy for them.

Q: Has BarxBuddy Busy Ball been protected by a money-back guarantee?

A: Should pet owners feel that the BarxBuddy Busy Ball isn’t the right toy for their pets, customer service can be contacted for a refund thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee. To get the conversation going, consider the following points of contact:

  • Email: support@barxbuddy.com
  • Phone: +1 (213) 337-8656
  • Return Address: BarxBuddy, PO Box 52171, Phoenix, AZ, 85072-2171

How much does a BarxBuddy Busy Ball cost?

You can purchase BarxBuddy Busy Ball from the official website. The price for the BarxBuddy Busy Ball depends on which of the three packages individuals plan to go with. To be more specific, these are the options that are currently available:

  • 1 BarxBuddy Busy Ball: $45.99 each (reduced from $69.99)
  • 2 BarxBuddy Busy Balls: $69.99 altogether (reduced from a total of $139.98)
  • Ultimate Play Bundle: $89.99 altogether (reduced from a total of $199.96)

As for the Ultimate Play Bundle, it comes with 2 BarxBuddy Busy Balls, 1 bag of premium BarxBuddy treats, and a bonus, BarxBuddy suction chew ball. Another thing to bear in mind is that the above prices do not include shipping and handling. Finally, the briefly mentioned lifetime protection can be added at checkout for an additional fee of $9.19.

BarxBuddy Busy Ball Final Verdict

Ultimately, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball mimics the game of fetch but without the need for someone to actively throw the ball. With the embedded smart reaction technology, all it takes is a sniff and/or a touch of the paw to get the ball rolling, bouncing, romping, you name it. Given how curious dogs are, activating the ball will be a simple task. Above all, they will be so occupied, they are highly unlikely to feel lonely in the process.

After going over the features list, our team’s confidence level increased even further. A major concern that we had was dogs’ teeth, as they can literally tear through anything. Luckily, this is said to have been considered in the BarxBuddy Busy Ball design, which is not only tear-resistant but also safe to be in their mouths. In addition, the ball’s ability to automatically go into rest mode ensures that the battery does not run out too quickly, allowing for long-term fun.

Finally, having the option to purchase additional protection only makes this an even more interesting investment. Considering all the aforementioned points in mind, the BarxBuddy Busy Ball appears to carry value. Of course, this is only beneficial to dogs that actually enjoy fetching, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having something like this around. To find out more about the BarxBuddy Busy Ball and how it can stimulate most dogs’ brains, visit the official website today!

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