Best CBD Oil: 3 Best Brands On The Market in 2020


If you’re the type who likes to shop around before deciding what products to buy, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the CBD oil market.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of individual CBD oils available for purchase — all of which are making the same claims.

While many of these brands offer top-notch CBD oils that meet the claims made on the label, many more cannot.

Choosing the best CBD oil can be challenging if you’re not sure what to look for — so we’ve put together a summary of the three best CBD oil brands available today.

All three companies meet our criteria for the best CBD oils — including third-party testing, organic hemp, a money-back guarantee, and plenty of positive user reviews and industry-expert recommendations.

Let’s jump straight in with our top three CBD oils recommendations.

Best CBD Oils to Buy in 2020

1. Royal CBD Oil — Editor’s Pick

Product Details:

Total CBD 250 mg – 2500 mg
Available Flavors Natural, Berry, Mint, Vanilla
Potency (mg/mL) 8.5 – 85 mg/mL
Extract Type Full-Spectrum

Royal CBD makes the top of our list for one reason — the potency.

These oils are available in the conventional 250, 500, and 1000 mg bottles. What makes Royal CBD special is their ultra-high potency option — which clocks in at an incredible 2500 mg per ounce. This is some of the most potent full-spectrum CBD oils we’ve seen yet.

Let’s be clear, you can find CBD oils with 3000, 4000, or even 5000 mg of CBD per bottle, but these products are rarely made from full-spectrum extract.

Full-spectrum extracts are important because they provide stronger effects for the same dose of CBD than pure CBD products.

Other ingredients in the oil, such as CBC, CBN, CBG, or various terpenoids, all contribute additional benefits to the oil. Some terpenes, like caryophyllene, can actually boost the effects of CBD directly, while others offer therapeutic effects of their own.

Many experts suggest full-spectrum CBD oils are superior in almost every way to CBD isolates.

As with any high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil, Royal CBD products have a strong hemp flavor. Anybody who doesn’t like the natural taste of hemp (we don’t blame you) may want to check out the company’s flavored options.

You can buy Royal CBD oils in peppermint, vanilla, or berry flavors — all of which do an excellent job at masking the natural hemp taste.

Royal CBD has been awarded as the best CBD oil by several prominent digital publications, including Venture Beat, Observer, LA Weekly, and more.

Pros Cons
  • Made from high-grade full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Independently verified for potency and purity
  • Uses organic California-grown hemp
  • Not sold in store (online brand only)

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil — Best Value

Product Details:

Total CBD 300 mg – 1200 mg
Available Flavors Unflavored, Honey
Potency (mg/mL) 10 – 40 mg/mL
Extract Type Full-Spectrum

Gold Bee is another popular CBD brand with an exceptionally high-quality full-spectrum oil.

We’ve placed this brand in second place because the strongest oil this company offers is 1200 mg per bottle — which is still a formidable potency for a full-spectrum oil. Most people will find 1200 mg per ounce is more than enough to provide the level of benefit they’re looking for.

What makes Gold Bee stand out is the terpene profiles of its oils. Terpenes are some of the key ingredients in a full-spectrum hemp extract. They offer numerous benefits to the oil that CBD can’t provide on its own.

Recent lab tests have shown that Gold Bee CBD oils are particularly high in the terpenes myrcene, bisabolol, caryophyllene, and pinene — all of which offer analgesic (pain-killing), anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), and anti-inflammatory actions to the oil.

Gold Bee is a relatively new addition to the CBD market, but has already been generating a lot of buzz. The company has been featured as one of the top-rated CBD oil brands by several prominent media outlets, including We Be High, Weed News, CFAH, and more.

Gold Bee CBD oils are sold in three different potencies — 300, 600, and 1200 mg per ounce.

You can also order these oils in either a natural, unflavored version or a delicious honey flavor.

Pros Cons
  • Exceptionally-high terpene levels in this full-spectrum oil
  • Buying from Gold Bee supports small business
  • Independently verified for the ultimate level of transparency
  • High-demand means this oil is often out of stock

3. CBD Pure — Runner Up

Product Details:

Total CBD 500 mg – 1800 mg
Available Flavors Unflavored
Potency (mg/mL) 50 – 180 mg/mL
Extract Type Full-Spectrum

CBD Pure is based out of the UK. We’ve included them on our list for international readers who may have a hard time getting a hold of Gold Bee or Royal CBD products.

CBD Pure is one of the premier CBD companies in Europe and was one of the first brands in the region to implement mandatory third-party testing on every batch of oil. This was a major step forward in the UK CBD industry as few brands were taking measures like this to ensure the quality and consistency of their products.

CBD Pure offers their oils in 500, 1000, and 1800 mg bottles — each with just 10 mL of oil.

The smaller volume of these oils affects the potency in every drop. The 1800 mg bottle of oil delivers nearly 6 milligrams of CBD in every drop. You only need a couple of drops of this oil for a healthy dose of CBD.

The only downside to this brand is that they only ship within the UK.

Pros Cons
  • Very high-potency CBD oils
  • Smaller bottle sizes fit easier in your pocket
  • Made from UK-grown organic hemp plants
  • Only available in the UK
  • No flavored oils available

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol — it’s the primary active ingredient in hemp plants (Cannabis sativa).

CBD has the unique ability to interact with a series of receptors in the body known as the endocannabinoid system — or ECS for short.

The ECS is involved with regulating nearly every organ in the human body — especially the nervous system. People use CBD products, such as oils, capsules, gummies, or topicals, for a variety of different applications.

What are the Benefits of CBD? What’s it Used For?

CBD has hundreds of different uses, but the most common include:

  • To boost immune function
  • Regulate stress and anxiety levels
  • Improve mood and alleviate depression

  • Support a more restorative sleep

  • Ease pain and eliminate inflammation

  • Regulate metabolic function and reduce high blood sugar levels

CBD owes these benefits to its interaction with the ECS, which is located in nearly every cell in the human body.

How to Use CBD Oil

Getting started with CBD oil is simple. Once you find a brand you like and want to order a bottle of CBD oil from, you’ll need to determine the correct dose.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds.

To calculate the dose, take the potency of the oil — measured in milligrams of CBD per milliliter of oil. Most reputable brands will list this number on the bottle, but you can also figure this out yourself.

We’ll use our favorite CBD oil — Royal CBD 1000 mg — as an example;

This oil offers 1000 mg per ounce (30 mL). So to find the potency, divide the total (1000 mg) by the volume (30 mL). You end up with roughly 30 mg of CBD per mL.

One full dropper is equal to 1 mL. So if you want a 30 mg dose of CBD, just use one dropper.

You can increase or decrease the dose accordingly. For example, if you want a 10 mg dose of CBD, just use about one-third of the dropper.

We recommend starting with a 10 mg dose of CBD, and increasing by about 5 mg each time until you find a dose that works for you.

To use CBD oil, simply squeeze the dropper into your mouth directly, or add it to a drink to mask the flavor. If you hold the oil under your tongue for a minute or two, you’ll get a faster onset of effects.

Pro Tip: Using Cannabis Terpenes & Other Health Supplements With CBD Oil

CBD oil works great on its own, but you can combine other health supplements or cannabis-derived terpenes for even greater benefit.

There are dozens of active terpenes in the cannabis plant that work synergistically with CBD. Terpenes provide additional anti-inflammatory benefits (such as myrcene & linalool), analgesic effects (pinene & terpinolene), or anti-anxiety effects (humulene & bisabolol). Some terpenes even work through a similar mechanism to CBD itself (caryophyllene).

You can add a few drops of terpene extracts directly to your bottle of CBD oil to boost its effect profile. We recommend Finest Labs as the best source of cannabis-derived terpenes in the United States.

Other health supplements can also be used to help guide the effects of CBD oil. For example, taking kava with CBD provides much greater anxiety relief than CBD on its own. Another example is to use anti-inflammatory supplements like boswellia or turmeric with CBD for managing chronic joint pain, endometriosis, or other inflammatory conditions.

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oils to Buy in 2020

It seems everybody and their dog are either recommending or selling CBD these days.

There’s a good reason for this. CBD oils offer profound health benefits that range from boosting immunity and reducing inflammation, to supporting sleep and eliminating anxiety.

With so many CBD brands on the market, it can be difficult to decide who to buy from. But this decision is important. The CBD market is full of unethical companies selling underpowered CBD oils at insane markups. Many of these oils aren’t worth the money.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which CBD oils to buy, we recommend checking out the lineup over at Royal CBD or Gold Bee. Both brands offer premium CBD oils at competitive prices, in multiple different potencies.

If you want the best value for the money, go for the ultra-high potency 2500 mg CBD oil from Royal CBD — you’ll be hard-pressed to find a CBD oil with better value than this.

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