Danette May’s 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge Review

Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to find a person that will love you for who you are. You can spend endless time on dating apps and do not feel any closer to finding someone that you can share a life with. But does this need to be such a hard and soul-crushing process, or is there a solution for your pain?

Finding your soulmate is possible, and the relationship coach Danette May may have the answer for you: the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge. Can you really do it in less than a month? The only way to find out is to read our review.

What Is The 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge?

The 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge is an online program created by a famous relationship coach named Danette May, who had a pretty sad story herself. She initially was a certified fitness instructor, but she went into a dark place after losing her son during childbirth, and that ended up destroying her relationship and eventually leading to her becoming unemployed.

She was very depressed and had financial troubles for several months, but in the end, was able to find the way out when she learned about the “power of the mind’. Danette discovered her inner resistance again and started to lead a full and new life. First, by encountering a new man, then a new job, and her life completely turned around.

According to this specialist Danette May, people attract who they are. If they are constantly gloomy and sad, they will attract bad things and gloomy people. However, if they can convince themselves to give the world a chance, they will quickly start to attract better things, and that includes true love.

How Does the 21 Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge Work?

The 21 Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge was created with the goal of allowing you to find your soulmate. It teaches you how to heal from your pain, and create a true soul connection that will lead you to success in love. So, you can find a person that you simply can’t wait to share the rest of your life with.

Now, the actual 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge has three phases. They will allow you to reach your goals within three weeks:

Phase 1: The beginning is all about getting out of a bad place. You start to rewire your neural pathways, focusing on ways to heal, love, and eat better. This way, you can start attracting good things.

Phase 2: Then, you will start to heal all of the trauma. Instead of focusing on the pain, you’ll start to focus on love. This will make you respect yourself more and finally be able to find people who will do the same.

Phase 3: With meditation techniques, you will align your energies to turn your life around and finally find true love.

What Do You Get In Nanette May Package?

When you subscribe to the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge, you will receive an online package that will give you everything that you need to get started.

The main program includes:

Three video lessons: Nanette will teach you the bulk of what you need to learn, divided into three distinct phases of healing.

Two meditation audios: These powerful audios will help you to rewire your brain subconsciously if you listen to them for a few minutes every day.

A Special meal plan: That will help you to increase your libido, look better, and even magnetize you in a way that you will become irresistible.

Two workout videos: These videos will help you to exercise, which will increase your energy levels and ignite your sexuality once more.

Journal print-out prompts: You can use these small rituals to essentially program yourself and train your mind to attract someone that you will love.

There are also a few bonuses, which include a practical guide on meditation, a course on how to handle conversations better, and a few recorded calls that will tell you what to expect from this course.

According to Danette, these offerings are worth over $1,400 when together. However, there’s a massive discount right now that you can get for a limited time.

Pros and Cons

Is the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge a good fit for you? Let’s see the pros and cons of this product.


  • You can find your soulmate.
  • Will allow you to discover how you should value yourself more.
  • Learn to love yourself.
  • Get your confidence back.
  • Increase your vitality, libido, and energy.


  • While the program states otherwise, it may not work for all people.
  • It takes effort and at least three weeks to work.

The 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge Pricing

You may be wondering how much does the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge cost. If it offers almost $1,500 in value, it should be expensive, right? Wrong! You can purchase the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge on the official website for only $47.

Danette affirms that she only had $47 when she hit rock bottom, and she wants you to be able to change your life by offering the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge at a reasonable cost. So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on fake solutions, you can turn your life around right now for this low amount.

This course offers a 180-day money-back guarantee, too. If you don’t like it, you can just turn around and go back to your old life, no hard feelings. Danette claims to be so certain that you will get success in your life that you can send an email within 60 days and get a full refund if the course does not work as intended. To send an email to the company use the following email address:

  • Support: support@danettemay.com

21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge Summary

You can change your life, and Danette May’s 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge is one way to start the change. It’s a risk-free program that gives you all the secrets to transform your energy and rewire your brain into working for you, not against you.

However, this program is not recommended for someone who doesn’t want to put in the work to actually learn how to love themselves or attract other people. If you want to give it a shot, though, the 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge is just $47 for the whole package.


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