Hale Breathing Aid Reviews: Is It Legit?

Has it gotten challenging to sleep at night lately? Does this difficulty stem from stuffiness, congestion, or the inability to control breathing? Incorrect or poor breathing has been associated with impaired concentration, increased anxiety and exhaustion, unhealthy skin, and even nuisances during exercise. Worst-case scenarios include gum disease, tooth decay, and a lifetime of suffering. Why should anyone have to live this way?

This was something that Dr. Patrick Byrne, MD, MBA, pondered upon, but luckily for us, he converted his thoughts into action. He launched the Hale Breathing Aid device, which is deemed 95% as effective as a complete reconstructive surgery. Imagine being able to breathe healthily without unnecessary pain or recovery! Our editorial team couldn’t retain ourselves, so here’s a comprehensive review on the Hale Breathing Aid.

What is the Hale Breathing Aid?

Hale is a breathing aid inspired by Dr. Byrne’s experience at the clinic and operating room while treating nasal obstruction for 20 years. This breathing aid can potentially relieve symptoms such as nasal valve collapse, deviated septum, airway obstruction, and nasal inflammation per clinical trials. Most importantly, people won’t have to know that such an issue exists for anyone because of its minimalistic and masked nature. Before delving into Hale’s features, we thought it might be best to take a few steps back and study its mechanism.

How Does the Hale Breathing Aid Work?

By inserting Hale into the nostrils, individuals can anticipate an expansion to the nasal passage, naturally supporting healthy breathing. Dr. Byrne claims to have used CAT scan data to create an anatomically natural fit. Additionally, he relied heavily on the science of nasal breathing and surgical principles. Speaking of nasal breathing, an expert from Winchester Dental explained that it is critical to overall wellbeing, primarily TMJ dysfunction, sleep apnea, and orthodontics.

Then there’s the obvious fact that the human body is developed to “keep our lips together and teeth apart.” So how do we breathe? The nose, as a result, filters out harmful bacteria and particles that shouldn’t reach the lungs. By humidifying the air through nasal breathing, the temperature becomes appropriate for the lungs, allowing a healthy exchange of oxygen and nitric oxide for heart health and blood vessels [1]. With this knowledge, we can confidently proceed to Hale’s key features.

What Features Does the Hale Breathing Aid Have?

The Hale Breathing Aid is celebrated for the following key features:

Ergonomic Materials & Compact Case

Hale is made from rubber and plastic polymers. The decision to go with this duo stems from the fact that they are likely to promote maximum comfort and maintenance. The included compact case is designed for safekeeping and quick cleaning on the go.

Virtually Undetectable & Extended Uses

No one will notice the Hale while it is resting within one’s nostrils. This feature is worth repeating, especially since most people are conscious of what others might think of such aids. Customer reviews suggest that individuals are unlikely to feel it once Hale appropriately fits into the nostrils. This level of comfort ensures extended use around the clock.

Insertion & Removal Tools

For people accustomed to placing aids in their noses, Dr. Byrne developed optional tools that make installing and removing Hale very painless.

Other noteworthy features include:

  • Owned and operated in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Protected by a quality promise that every step of the development process is controlled to ensure a high-quality product
  • It is all-natural and 100% drug-free
  • Promotes a personalized fit
  • Is FDA Registered & Compliant and has patented functionality

Hale Breathing Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hale genuinely comfortable to wear?

A: Yes, it is, and it has to do with the rubber and plastic polymers.

Q: What are the chances of Hale becoming stuck in the nostrils?

A: Hale’s design accounts for this issue by including a clear band. The latter attach the left and right pieces to prevent the aid from getting stuck.

Q: What does the Hale Breathing Kit come with?

A: The Hale Breathing Kit includes 3 Breathing aids, a carrying case with a mirror, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and insertion and removal tools.

Q: Is Hale reusable?

A: Yes, Hale is reusable. However, we know very little about how long each unit will last.

Q: Will anyone notice Hale in my nostrils?

A: The only person sure to notice a marginal difference in appearance is the person wearing Hale. Close friends and family members most likely won’t be able to tell the difference, making it virtually undetectable.

Q: What sizes does Hale come in?

A: Hale comes in either small, medium, or large sizes.

Q: Is it okay to wear Hale with allergies or colds?

A: Yes, Hale can be worn to improve breathing for those suffering from an inflammatory nasal response caused by allergies or a cold. It is equally helpful during nasal valve collapse, deviated septum, and airway obstruction.

Q: How long will it take to receive my shipment of Hale?

A: Due to increasing demand for Hale, orders will only be fulfilled 2 to 3 weeks after the order date. Orders placed outside the U.S. might need more time.

Q: What if Hale doesn’t work as advertised?

A: Hale has been protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t impressed, reach out to the customer support team for a full purchase price refund within the allotted period. Since these units are being inserted into the nostril, used units might not be eligible for a refund. For more clarity, here are some ways to contact Dr. Byrne’s customer support team:

  • Email: halebreathing@giddyup-support.com or info@halebreathing.com.
  • Return Address: Hale Inc., 152 Commonwealth Ave Concord, MA, 01742

How Much Does the Hale Breathing Aid Cost?

Hale comes in complete kits, but prices will vary depending on the quantities ordered. Here’s a price rundown that depicts the possible savings opportunity:

  • 1 Hale Breathing Kit: CAD$38.54 each
  • 2 Hale Breathing Kits: CAD$36.62 each
  • 3 Hale Breathing Kits: CAD$32.54 each

Meet the Hale Breathing Aid Creator

Dr. Patrick Byrne, MD, MBS, is the Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Head & Neck Institution, specializing in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery and dentistry, audiology, and speech and language sciences. From 2001 to 2020, the expert practiced at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital as Director of the Facial Plastic and Neck Surgery Division. He also taught otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, dermatology, and biomedical engineering at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.

How can we overlook his contributions as medical director for the nation’s largest and most complex ambulatory surgery center (ASC)? His clinical and research interests revolve around facial reanimation and deformations, skin cancer surgery and reconstruction, and facial aesthetic surgery. We could honestly keep going about his experiences and humanitarian work, but it could take a while.

Hale Breathing Aid Final Verdict

Overall, Hale is a breathing aid designed to expand our nasal passages so that breathing no longer needs to feel burdensome. Some may argue that nasal breathing shouldn’t be prioritized since humans can also breathe through the mouth. However, our research shows that healthy nasal breathing barricades harmful invaders from reaching deep into our bodies while ensuring that essential oxygen is available to cells, tissues, and organs. In this respect, Hale can be life-transforming. Our editorial team felt quite reassured by Dr. Byrne’s involvement, as his ongoing career and contributions to society speak for themselves. Due to these reasons, we see value in Hale.

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