Minderva Reviews (VigorUS) Cognitive Brain Formula or Scam?

A new product called Minderva has appeared on online markets, and it’s causing quite a fuss. This new supplement is supposed to help if you are currently suffering from memory loss or struggling to remember important details about your day.

Our review will give you the ultimate answer: will Minderva solve your memory issues? Check it out.

What Is Minderva?

Minderva is a nootropic-oriented health supplement focused on improving your cognition. It uses a natural formula to promote the health of your brain, allowing you to be sharper than usual and increasing how well your memory is working at all times.

This offering was created by Vigor US Labs and, according to them, it’s a revolutionary brain supplement. This is the closest that you’ll ever get from a legal “intelligence drug” because it boosts your mental power without having to use anything toxic, addictive, or illegal.

Users who keep taking Minderva for a while will be able to take their mental prowess to the next level, remembering details that they normally would not be able to. Also, they will get superior energy levels and be able to work or study for more time without getting tired too easily.

How It Works

Minderva is made to help supercharge your neurotransmitters and support the health of your brain. By nourishing your mind with the right ingredients, it’s actually able to achieve excellent results. So, your mental state will remain alert and working at full capacity even if your body is starting to get tired.

Essentially, this offering gives you all the brain power that the so-called nootropics have, but without any of the downsides. It does not have any significant side effects, and you won’t feel bad later. All that it does is give the kind of vitamins and minerals that your brain needs to work at full capacity.


You should check the most important ingredients of this formula before buying the supplement. They include:

L-Glutamine: Not only this substance is pretty great to stimulate your mood and make it better, but it can diminish anxiety and allow the brain to work faster.

Bacopa Monnieri: Your brain will get especially nourished when using this substance because it affects your memory, making it easier for you to remember details. It’s widely recommended to deal with brain fog, too.

Ginkgo Biloba: This ingredient is fairly effective against most of the symptoms related to brain fog and cognitive decline related to your age. So, taking it every day should put your brain in order.

Minderva Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at the possible advantages and disadvantages that using Minderva everyday can have on you:


  • Can consistently increase your memory, making it easier to remember things.
  • Cures brain fog syndrome.
  • Keeps you calm and diminishes your stress levels.
  • It will let more oxygen go into your brain.
  • Rest better by sleeping soundly.
  • Gives you enhanced energy levels.
  • Supports your overall brain health.
  • Can be used to improve your academic performance because studying will be easy.


  • May have a unique effect on each person. So, its effectiveness may depend on your body’s chemistry.
  • People who are lacking vitamins will benefit more than the ones who already have enough of them.

Minderva Pricing

People who are interested in acquiring this offering should visit Minderva’s official website and browse. At the moment, the website is offering promotions to people who are willing to get the supplement in bulk. So, that might be a good idea. All purchases will be protected with 256-bit secure encryption and can be paid with credit cards.

These are the current prices that you can find there:

  • One bottle: $69.98.
  • Three bottles: $49.99 each.
  • Five bottles: $39.99 each.

Shipment is free for the United States. However, other countries are currently unable to purchase this product.


VigorUS Labs’ Minderva is a fairly good solution for anyone who wants to get the most powerful effects of a nootropic without any side effects. It will make your mind sharper, increase your vitality, improve your memory, and allow you to study or work for longer without having to worry about anything.

Overall, it’s a pretty good choice for students or people with very busy, demanding lives.


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