NicoBloc Reviews: Will Nico Bloc Liquid Drops Help to Quit Smoking?

It goes without saying that smoking has long been linked to the risk of developing cancer, heart and lung diseases, stroke, immunity problems and physical discomfort among an extensive list of dangers. People do not seem to realize that once the body has been exposed to even a trace of nicotine, snapping out of it becomes virtually impossible without a good fight. By good fight, we mean one that will suck every available energy out, leaving people to question the process. Fortunately for us all, Bloc Enterprises’ solution has made a lasting impression on smokers who’ve failed repeatedly for decades on end until they met the matchless of course. The purpose of this review is to introduce NicoBloc®, let’s start with its intended purpose.

What is NicoBloc®?

NicoBloc® is a fluid formulated to potentially barricade nicotine and tar from passing into the body while smoking. Meant to be applied directly onto a cigarette filter, this strategy is deemed the “better way to quit smoking”, as it has been shown to block up to 99% of tar and nicotine. Simply put, the risk of dependence because of the previously mentioned duo might dramatically decrease. Undoubtedly, quitting completely is no small feat, but with a solution like NicoBloc®, the journey can be expedited. Eventually, individuals will have reached a point in their life where they are certain to neglect cigarettes and other products high in nicotine and tar at their own volition.

What captured our editorial team’s attention is accessibility. Precisely, NicoBloc® has attained global clearance as a general sale and over-the-counter product. Thus, anyone can purchase it, not to forget the support it has from clinical studies. Truthfully, we were also fascinated by the team’s efforts, as their solution appears to put nicotine patches to shame! Nevertheless, we believe that for everyone to take full advantage of NicoBloc®, its mechanism must be understood right down to the finest of details.

How does NicoBloc® work?

Unlike most products that deliver a small amount of nicotine into the bloodstream, NicoBloc® is trusted to trap it at three different levels. As put by the team at Bloc Enterprises, one drop traps up to 33%, whereas two and three drops trap up to 66% and 99% respectively. When used as instructed, smokers will gradually be released from the dependence on nicotine, perhaps reducing consumption to just a few cigarettes a day (and at some point, allowing one to put the habit behind them). The main reason why former smokers appear to stand by this product is its ability to liberate them from smoking without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms linked to quitting.

Why should anyone consider NicoBloc®?

Earlier we hinted that NicoBloc® has been supported by clinical studies. Well, this was a major selling point for us. One NicoBloc® study was conducted at Chief Clinical Researcher, Dr. Gregory Jantz’s, “The Center – A Place of Hope”, where patients participated for three or four weeks over a three-month period [2]. By the end, the following findings were reported:

  • After 3 weeks, cigarette consumption was reduced by an average of 36%
  • After 4 weeks, cigarette consumption was reduced by an average of 59%
  • A smoker who consumed 43 cigarettes a day cut down 72% by the fourth week
  • A smoker who consumed 45 cigarettes a day cut down 67% by the fourth week

Here are a couple of words from Dr. Jantz himself:

“This is what we’re finding, individuals who are willing to give [NicoBloc®] a fair try get fair results and we’re excited to be part of the NicoBloc® team because on week four, on that Friday, [my patient] smoked her last cigarette.”

Aside from the aforementioned trial, Bloc Enterprises also reported that consumer trials and test marketing have found that by the sixth week, success rates reached 60% compared to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products that averaged less than 10% (or up to 20% when paired with counseling).

Other noteworthy features have been summarized below [2]:

  • Made using 100% natural ingredients (i.e., completely drug-free)
  • A couple of drops on a cigarette filter a day might make the cravings go away
  • Helps cut down the number of cigarettes smoked before making seriously quitting
  • Started from a project by formerly, William Rosen in the U.S. in the late 1980s
  • NicoBloc® was trialed in 1995 (Irish corporate sector) and again in 1998 (The Rosen Programme)
  • It has been introduced in over 100 organizations to help employees quit

To get the NicoBloc nicotine blocking liquid drops, make sure to visit the official website for the best pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What ingredients are inside NicoBloc®?

NicoBloc® is made using a precise blend of Water, a Sugar Compound and Citric Acid. Some approved food grade coloring and preservative can be expected as well.

How to apply NicoBloc®?

First, a small indentation must be created in the filter with the top of the bottle. Then, it is as simple as applying one drop, gently covering the filter tip using the bottle tip, and squeezing the filter tip a few times. For people who arrive at their second week into this system, the indent must be slightly bigger before adding two or three drops. This has been recommended for maximum soaking before smoking a cigarette.

What is the Wean Machine app?

The Wean Machine app has been developed for smokers onboarding the NicoBloc® challenge. Individuals can perceive it as a way to keep track of progress and to comfortably reduce the number of cigarettes consumed by setting achievable weekly targets based on personal smoking habits/patterns. At the time of writing, the app can be downloaded via the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Does this mean that NicoBloc® makes cigarettes safer to smoke?

By no means does NicoBloc® encourage cigarette smoking or depict it as being safer. It merely traps tar and nicotine normally inhaled when smoking filter cigarettes. The purpose of this solution is to help individuals to come off cigarettes without any of its associated withdrawal symptoms.

How quickly can one expect to get off smoking with NicoBloc®?

Outcomes might vary from person to person, as individual circumstances and smoking habits must be accounted for. However, based on the findings of extensive trials (extending over a two-year period), smokers become more comfortable with the idea of quitting at the six-week mark. This timeframe is highlighted as a fundamental one that permits the body to adjust to the physical changes after it experiences less and less exposure to nicotine.

How long will one NicoBloc® purchase last?

On average, each NicoBloc® purchase might last two weeks. The latter is based on an average smoker who consumes about 20 cigarettes a day. Hence, for optimal results, three bottles should be purchased.

Is it ideal to put NicoBloc® drops on all cigarettes?

NicoBloc® drops must be administered to filters just before smoking it. The reason for this has to do with the fact that the formula will only be active for 15 minutes (upon application), after which the solution will have dried up, making it difficult to smoke the cigarette.

What taste does NicoBloc® have?

NicoBloc® has a sweet taste to it, but most people rarely detect it. Don’t be alarmed, as its mild taste is highly unlikely to alter the taste of a cigarette.

What withdrawal symptoms does NicoBloc® help to avoid?

NicoBloc® can protect individuals from the consequences of exhaustion, dizziness, nausea, headaches, aching joints, constipation, queasiness, anger issues, insomnia, stomach cramps and cravings. This is not to say that these symptoms will not be experienced. But one thing is probable; the NicoBloc® difference permits individuals to go about their lives without hindrance introduced by the former symptoms.

Is NicoBloc® safe for pregnant/expecting mothers?

Yes, NicoBloc® is safe for pregnant/expecting mothers because it is completely natural.

Will NicoBloc® work on roll ups?

Yes, NicoBloc® will work on roll ups as long as a mini filter is applied prior to rolling the cigarette. To reap the benefits, the mini filter must be facing the tobacco.

Will NicoBloc® make me gain weight?

The Bloc Enterprises team is convinced that NicoBloc® will allow smokers to smoke while reducing their nicotine intake. As a result, the likelihood that one might experience increased appetite is purportedly slim.

Is it helpful to increase vitamins intake while weaning off cigarettes?

Doctors normally suggest taking foods high in vitamin C because it can help the body to get rid of nicotine more effectively. To be completely sure of the exact types of vitamins to take, individuals are encouraged to reach out to either a pharmacist or a health professional.

Won’t NicoBloc® increase cravings if it blocks nicotine?

No. One drop can block up to 33% of nicotine, which alone supposedly suffices to commence the weaning off process. Furthermore, such level of blockage also implies a restriction to nicotine withdrawal symptoms (i.e., cravings). Things will only get better with two, and eventually three drops.

How long will it take to receive my NicoBloc® order?

NicoBloc® orders will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them. Once out for delivery, it can take anywhere between 3 and 5 business days for U.S. locations and up to 21 business days elsewhere. This is just an estimated timeframe; it could take far more time than expected for select countries.

Is NicoBloc® protected by a money-back guarantee?

The Bloc Enterprises team is so confident that everyone will enjoy the reported benefits that they are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If within the first 60 days of purchase the number of cigarettes consumed doesn’t decrease, all unused products can be returned for a full purchase price refund. For clarity on eligibility requirements, consider the following means of communication:

  • Email: nicobloc@giddyup-support.com.
  • Returns Email: returns@nicoblocusa.com
  • Mailing Address: Bloc Enterprises, LLC, 11 Grumman Hill Road, Suite 1A Wilton, CT 06897

How much does NicoBloc® cost?

NicoBloc® prices have been established based on the quantities ordered and can be found on the official website here. Specifically:

  • 1 NicoBloc® bottle (2-week supply): $24.99 (two weeks supply)
  • 3 NicoBloc® bottles (6-week supply): $59.98 (6 weeks supply)
  • 6 NicoBloc® bottles (10-week supply): $89.97 (10 weeks supply)

Meet Bloc Enterprises

Bloc Enterprises is a specialized product marketing/distribution company on a mission to introduce consumer products that exemplify innovation, technology, and disruptive solutions to everyday problems. Most of all, this team trusts that their efforts will “enable positive social impact.” In addition to NicoBloc®, this very team brought the revolutionary technology inside GOpure Pod, i.e., PuriBloc®, that keeps toxins and plastic out of our bodies.

As explicitly stated on the official website, the following must be deliberated upon while evaluating NicoBloc®:

“Over the last 10 years, NicoBloc® has been the central product featured in our workplace stop-smoking programs in the UK and Ireland. This encompassed hundreds of smokers, demonstrating an average of just under 60% cessation rate at the end of the course with a significant number of the remainder managing to substantially cut down.”

Final Verdict

For smokers out there who are tired of caving into nicotine every time they wanted to put the habit behind them, the NicoBloc® fluid might be an ideal addition to have, as it has been scientifically proven to help people wean off smoking. This is not to say that the solution at hand is a 100% guaranteed smoking cessation product, instead, it should be perceived as a formula that may block tar and nicotine from entering the body when used as directed.

The slow and steady mechanism presented by Bloc Enterprises has been employed to prevent smokers from experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms that typically stem from giving up nicotine. We believe the latter is advantageous, as it might allow one to go about their everyday activities, all while minimizing the risks of slipping into smoking at extreme lengths.

At the end of the day, it is in the hands of individuals who are willing to commit to the six-week journey to see improvements in consumption (normally a significant reduction in the number of cigarettes consumed). In accordance with the fundamentals and the simple fact that this solution has transformed lives for the better for 10 years and counting, we see value in giving NicoBloc® a try. To learn more on how to get started with NicoBloc®, visit here>>>.


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