Silent Seduction Reviews – Seduce with Silence Program or Cheap System?

Tired of endless rejections and not knowing how to talk to women? Learn how to seduce women with little to no words with the life-changing Silent Seduction Program by Manish Leone, also known as Magic, of Gotham Dating Club.

We’ve gone through the program for you, and one thing’s for sure – the result is utterly fascinating. No need to have a persuasive imagination or come up with witty jokes and one-liners. All you have to do is remember the right moves for the right situation!

Find out whether the Silent Seduction Program is worth the hype through this quick review!

What’s in It for You?

According to the man, Magic himself, you don’t need that natural narrative charm that turns women on. You just need to know those pleasure points that make women crazy.

Most men believe that pickup lines make a woman listen to you. However, it’s probably not enough for her to ditch her friends or family and spend time with you.

Thus, Magic decided to give seduction a new meaning by teaching men about unnoticeable body-touching techniques. Ones that will surely drive a woman nuts. Magic usually conducts face-to-face classes for this, but this time, he has brought this course online for WAY LESS!

Each video also includes a real model to see how much it can change your life. To give you an idea, here’s a quick walkthrough of Magic’s Silent Seduction System:

Module 1: 7-Minutes to Sex Jump Start

One thing about the art of seduction is that its effectiveness relies on confidence. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be unable to keep a steady hand when needed.

You can’t stay mute when searching for a girl to hook up with. Hence, Magic builds up men’s confidence in the first module with interaction starters. This includes the seductive handshake, 4-word conversation starter, 3-step conversation reversal, etc. This module’s goal is to get her so interested that she decides to carry the conversation herself.


  • Seductive Handshake
  • Foolproof 4-Word Conversation Starter
  • Power Positioning Technique
  • Swedish Slide Technique
  • 3-Step Conversation Reversal
  • Snake Bite Technique

Module 2: Taking it to the Next Level

This is when the real enchantment takes place. Now that you’ve got her hooked, it’s time to watch her squirm in desire.

The second module teaches you how to play with a girl’s senses. This focuses on silence and getting more physical –but not too much. Women find unexpected delight in getting touched in certain spots, and this module tells exactly where these spots are.

Just make sure to familiarize yourself with their locations. You won’t want to search on the spot and make things awkward!

This module also lets you in on different emergency sex locations that you can use when things get heated. The best part? There’s not just one, five, or even nine parts for this, but twelve!


  • Magnetic Mirroring
  • Seductive Seating Technique
  • Domination Sequence
  • Subliminal Orgasm
  • Trail of Fire
  • 12 Emergency Sex Locations
  • Smooth Sailing Phrase

Module 3: Advanced Level

By the time you reach this phase, the woman you’re probably seconds away from completing your splendidly conceived saga. However, you still can’t relax since the woman has the freedom to refuse whenever she wants.

This module will teach you how to make her even hornier to the point where she can’t resist. Much like edging, per se. It shows you what phrases to whisper, where else to touch, and even how to undress her as quickly as possible. This makes the sex quality ten times better!


  • Orgasm Commands
  • Freudian Control Index
  • 5 Sexual Overdrive Phrases
  • Bulldozer Technique
  • Speed Undressing Techniques

Module 4: Total Sexual Control

This module is a bonus module, and it’s all about getting a woman head over heels for you. Most of these are case-specific, including how to get out of the friend zone or flirt with girls from all cultures and five generations! Allowing to charm anyone ranging from a girl from an Indian family to a Latina, Caucasian, European, and more.

Even older, family men are guided on making the most out of their mature charm to spice up their marriage again. After all, just because you’re from an older generation doesn’t mean you can’t get laid anymore.


  • Friend Reversal Technique
  • Mature Man’s Guide to Mastery
  • Age Calibrator
  • Universal Pussy Magnet
  • Hot Wiring Technique


Apart from the modules, there are also ‘get her to bed’ bonuses that are great. These are mostly quick guides that tell you pleasure spot locations and lowkey sex signals.


  • Pleasure Map
  • Underground Hookup Hotspots
  • Sex Cave Blueprint
  • 27 Signs She Wants to Fuck
  • 3X Threesome System
  • High-Performance Sex System


  • Less talk, more sex!
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Shows you the fastest way to attract women


  • Limited to physical advances

Final Verdict

Manish Leone’s Seduce in Silence Program is a highly recommended program for men who want to improve their sex life. May it be for your family relative, friend, son, or even yourself!

It’s impressive how well Magic wrote about this topic at such a scope. The program is incredibly thorough, making men want to stop complaining and get right into it.

As if these aren’t enough, Magic also offers a Get Laid or Get Paid Guarantee in case the program doesn’t work for you!