Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Reviews: Does It Work for Customers?

Millions of senior citizens have some degree of hearing loss and tinnitus. Losing the hearing sense can be frustrating because it causes errors in oral communications. Most people believe that it is natural to lose hearing ability with age. However, some clinical trials show that you can maintain your auditory health using certain nutrients and supports. Still, only effective hearing aids and supplements can boost your auditory system and quality of life. Soundwise Aria is a doctor-formulated hearing device that promises to boost ear health. Why is it effective? Can Soundwise treat hearing issues?

What are Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids?

Soundwise Aria is marketed as doctor-engineered audio support to restore hearing and manage tinnitus. The creator Kriss Berg (health researcher) claims that his father’s deteriorating ear health and the high cost of a hearing aid motivated him and his partner Doctor Kent Nunnally to make the hearing device. Only 20% of folks with auditory issues try to manage the conditions. Most people, especially senior citizens, accept their fate and do nothing to boost their ear health. The high cost of a single hearing aid also prevents most folks from procuring the device.

Hearing issues mostly result from loud sounds that damage the inner auditory system. In addition, poor intake of certain nutrients can cause tinnitus and other external unpleasant sounds. Unfortunately, hearing loss can result in depression and frustration leading to a lower quality of life. Also, untreated tinnitus and hearing issues can accelerate age-related mental issues like dementia. Also, damage to specific parts of the ear can cause loss of balance, putting elderly folks at risk of hurting themselves.

Common hearing aids serve as tiny amplifiers meaning they can damage the auditory system. Soundwise is a smart hearing device using state-of-the-art technology to amplify sounds from all directions. Equally, the tiny hearing support is easy to wear and can manage other ear issues like tinnitus. Kriss Berg equates Soundwise Aria to listening to a 9-speakers sound system. It makes the user get even the least sounds like whispers.

What can Soundwise Aria Do?

  • It blocks background noise enabling users to receive only the sounds they want to perceive
  • It amplifies sounds hence enabling users to follow conversations even in loud places.
  • It can calm the dreadful tinnitus making it easier to manage
  • Soundwise is easy to fit and adjust, and anyone can fit it on their ears.

Relationship between Hearing Loss and Cognition

Dr. Frank Lin from John Hopkins shares that mild hearing issues increases the possibility of developing memory issues. Therefore, the more your hearing loss becomes severe, the greater the risks of getting brain atrophy. In addition, scientific proofs show that people with hearing issues have poor social skills, which accelerates dementia. Dr. Lin also shares that hearing issues can cause balance disorders. Recent researches show that minor hearing increases the risk of falling by 3%. Thus, fixing the hearing problems can significantly improve brain health and enhance balance.

How Does Soundwise Aria Work?

Soundwise hearing support uses innovative technology to boost the auditory system. Hearing loss amplifies the tinnitus sounds, making it impossible to perceive external audios. However, Soundwise enables users to focus on external sounds making tinnitus manageable. Soundwise works by retraining the brain in a scientific process known as habituation.

According to the creators, the habituation technique uses external sounds to ignore the unpleasant ringing/buzzing sounds. Soundwise helps wearers to ignore tinnitus and instead focus on external sounds from people or other sound sources in the environment. In the same vein, Soundwise can boost balance, particularly in elderly folks. Improved hearing restores the health of the overall auditory channel allowing users to experience better balance regardless of age.

In summary, Soundwise receives external sounds and transforms them into digital signals. The amplifier also increases the levels of external audios hence augmenting clarity. Further, Soundwise filters internal noises (tinnitus), making it easy to follow the sounds that matter.

Soundwise Aria Features

  • Unlike similar hearing aids, Soundwise has a rechargeable unit; users do not have to worry about battery replacements.
  • Soundwise have a sleek and micro size feature meaning the people around you will not notice you have them.
  • Kriss Berg claims that the hearing aids have a digital processing unit that amplifies the sounds making them more audible and clear.
  • Soundwise has an effective noise reduction feature that focuses on external resonances instead of tinnitus.
  • Soundwise is an easy-to-use device. Unlike hearing aids that require professional assistance, these hearing aids only require you to fit them to your ear, and they start functioning.
  • Soundwise comes with adjustable sound settings. You can adjust the sound levels at any time.
  • Soundwise promises to enhance hearing within 2 minutes of wearing them
  • Soundwise boasts of a digital sound amplification to allow you to follow conversations with ease
  • You can use Soundwise Aria even with other devices like glasses, oxygen tubes, or face masks.

Who Needs Soundwise Aria?

  • People who have trouble hearing people and sounds around them
  • Persons unable to follow conversations and need to read lips to keep the conversation flowing
  • People with balance issues
  • Elderly folks with signs of hearing loss have developed cognitive issues.

Soundwise Aria Pricing

Soundwise Aria is only available on the official website for $499. The makers claim that the digital hearing device uses a sophisticated technology akin to what the CIA and FBI transmit sounds. However, regardless of the high production costs, Soundwise Aria is currently offered at discounted prices. Each Soundwise Aria package includes:

  • A pair of Arai hearing aids
  • Charging cord
  • Charging case
  • 5 ear domes to customize the hearing aids to your actual size
  • Cleaning and volume adjustment tool

Soundwise Aria Package Prices:

  • One Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kit $499.00 / Free Shipping
  • Two Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kits $749.00 / Free Shipping
  • Three Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Kits Can Be Paid in 3 Payments of $185.00 / Free Shipping

Customers can choose a protection plan offered for the replacement of up to two hearing aids for free, with free shipping, up to one year after purchase with the purchase of the Lost Hearing Aid Protection for an additional $97.00.

If you choose to pay for Soundwise Aria using your FSA or HSA card, you get the entire package with zero taxes. The chat line is available for folks uncomfortable with making oral calls. Soundwise Arai comes with a full one-year money-back guarantee.

Contact Information

Consumers with questions can reach out 8am to 5pm MT Monday to Friday the customer support chat line or send an email to:

  • Barb@GetSoundwise.com

Final Word

Soundwise Aria is an innovative hearing aid that can boost your hearing, improve balance, and stop tinnitus. The creators claim it uses refined technology to make the necessary sounds audible and clear. In addition, Soundwise Aria is easy to fit and maintain. You do not require a prescription to purchase the audio devices. Lastly, the Soundwise Aria has a micro design making them unnoticeable.

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