TrustedHousesitters Reviews – Really Trusted Pet Sitters to Use?

TrustedHousesitters is a website that connects homeowners with unlimited sitters to ensure that their home is never empty. The platform requires every user to create a profile that shows a recommendation, details on their home, and more to make the decision.

What is TrustedHousesitters?

Going away on a vacation is supposed to be a fun time, but it is hard to fully relax when there’s a whole house or even pets at home being left unattended. While someone with local loved ones can ask for a favor, it doesn’t always work out for their needs. With a platform like TrustedHousesitters, no home is left empty.

The primary focus of TrustedHousesitters is to set up a connection between homeowners and house-sitters, but any platform can offer this type of service. They even offer a way for sitters to create profiles when they apply to sit for the people who need services. However, there’s no money exchanged, and users don’t have to worry about seeking out the sitters with the best prices.

Instead of getting paid, this platform provides a way for sitters to stay somewhere for free in exchange for watching over the home. They are responsible for the cost to get there with the basic membership, but they don’t have to find hotel accommodations or any other arrangements to stay somewhere. With this exchange, the only price that either party has to pay is the annual cost of the service on the TrustedHousesitters website.

How TrustedHousesitters Works

Trusted Housesitters has two ways that consumers can use it – becoming a house-sitter or finding a house-sitter. Each one requires different protocol to get set up.

Getting a House-Sitter

Individuals who want to get a house-sitter can choose an annual plan that allows them to get care for their home and pets without any additional charges. Users need to set up an owner plan that includes pictures of their pets and home. With these pictures posted, they can also add the dates that they won’t be home as they occur.

With this information, house-sitters can apply as the homeowners peruse the different profiles. They should specifically look at the verified accounts to make sure they find someone that the pets will enjoy.

Becoming a House-Sitter

Getting a house to sit at is just as easy. Users have to create a profile like they would if they were needing services. Then, they can apply for different sits with various pets wherever they want to go. All they have to do is agree to take care of the owner’s pet during their stay.

Pricing for TrustedHousesitters

Signing up as a homeowner or house-sitter requires a name, email, and password for users. Users on the website can choose to link their Facebook or Google profiles to their account. Setting up the account is free, but the membership is paid, and the pricing depends on the type of account set up. All of the pricing is for a year-long membership.

The Standard Owner account is available for $169. This account includes unlimited care by any verified sitter, a Home & Contents Protection plan, free video calls with local veterinarians, access to member support, and boosted listing. Even with the standard account, users can see when anyone saves it. The other memberships include Premium Owner for $259 (with 2 passes for airport lounges around the world and insurance if the sitter cancels) or the Basic Owner for $129 (which only includes unlimited care).

For sitters, there are also Basic, Standard, and Premium memberships. As a Basic member, sitters can participate in unlimited house-sitting jobs around the world for $129. Standard sitters can access free communication with veterinarians when they care for the pets of homeowner for $169. They also get dedicated member support, liability protection, a background check, and instant alerts when new jobs arise. As a Premium sitter users will also get airport lounge passes and cancellation insurance for $249.

There is also an option for a Combined membership, which means that the member can be either be a sitter or a homeowner. The package options are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions About TrustedHousesitters

What is covered by the membership fee?

Whether the user is a sitter or a homeowner, they only pay the fee once a year. The owner membership allows users to connect with verified and reviewed sitters with no additional fees. A Sitter membership will allow users to connect with potential jobs near and away. The Combined membership allows users to either give or receive sitting services.

How does TrustedHousesitters work?

This platform matches pet owners with sitters that have been verified and reviewed. After the member selects their plan, they can create a listing for their home to review applicants. Sitters, on the other hand, create their profile for homeowners to review.

Is the process to get a sitter complicated?

Not at all. Owners who want to get a sitter just have to check the platform. Currently, there are more sitters on this platform than all of the other online platforms combined. Plus, all of the profiles allow owners to find a good match for their particular needs.

To get work, the sitters have to complete their profile and post a recommendation from anyone that speaks to their reliability. The recommendation can come from a friend, family member, property owner, or employer from past or present-day work. The user will also need to upload some form of ID to verify that they are who they claim to be.

Who is responsible for the cost of travel?

The cost of travel falls on the sitter. However, it is free to stay in the home of the pet owner.

Do sitters get paid for watching the home?

No. Instead, they have the luxury of staying at any owner’s house by paying one annual fee. The user doesn’t have to pay for accommodations, and they can go anywhere.

The customer service team can clear up any other concerns by chatting with an agent online or sending a message with the online form at https://support.trustedhousesitters.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new.

Final Thoughts

TrustedHousesitters provides a simple way to have cost-effective travel for sitters and constant access to sitters for travelling homeowners. The unique combination of services keeps prices low for everyone, acting as way to make a trade – stay somewhere for free by watching someone’s pets. Users can sit anywhere, as long as they are willing to cover the cost for travel. Plus, there are some membership packages that give users access to airline lounges, depending on what they want to do.

Though there are many perks to the TrustedHousesitters service, users can start their services by creating a Welcome Guide that describes their home, pets, and other details that sitters should know.

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