A mural comes to life

Team of artists assemble pieces

For artists and their apprentices, the process of creating art is an intensive labor of love, planning and effort. When the finished artwork is a 60-by 20-foot public mural, logistics are an essential part of the plan.

Over the last week, Tlingit and Athabascan artist, designer, and activist Crystal Kaakeeyaa Worl and her apprentices have been busy assembling a new mural depicting Elizabeth Kaaxgal.aat Peratrovich, a Tlingit civil rights icon.

In a quiet room in Centennial Hall last Friday, the team worked quickly and diligently in stocking feet to put all the pieces in place and get the first look at the completed mural before it’s installed.

New mural to honor Alaskan civil rights leader

This is the latest step in a multi-step process.

A Philadephia-based shop printed the mural on parachute cloth and shipped it to Juneau.

Last week, the team applied layers of paint to the pieces that will eventually come together to create the mural.

Once complete, the work will appear on the currently blank south wall of the Marine Parking garage, the structure on which the downtown branch of Juneau’s public library sits.

Once the wall is cleaned and ready to go, Worl and her team will adhere the mural to the wall and add the finishing touches.

“Because of the crevices, I need to hand paint,” Worl said in a recent interview, expressing a bit of trepidation about the process. “I’m just going to do it. I am. I just keep telling myself that.”

A final coat of sealant will protect the work from sun, rain, wind and snow.

Installation timing depends on the weather, but the original schedule called for it to be complete by Aug. 23.

A mural is born

Last week Worl said she is worried that recent rainy weather could slow installation and cause the project to incur extra expenses. She said her GoFundMe campaign is still active. As of Wednesday morning, $15,325 had been raised for the project — slightly more than its $15,000 goal.

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