A perspective from elsewhere

We’ve been observing the various “Letters to th Editor” and “Points of View” regarding the gas, sewer and water lines being debated in the Homer area.
We have a small vacant lot in southern Wisconsin on a lake near the Illinois border. When our sewer and water lines were put in 15 years ago, the town fathers and mothers realized that half of the owners were either retired or soon-to-be. They decided to extend the timed payments to 20 and 40 years, so we pay $66 and $175 yearly or just over $20 per month for the utility portion of our property taxes.
Perhaps we’re naive, but we don’t understand why the city fathers and mothers of Homer want to put a $405 yearly bill ($33.75 per month) on the relatively few lots for only 10 years, over half of which are either retired or seasonal (even vacant). And that’s on top of the $216 yearly ($18 per month) meter charge for water and sewer.
We realize salaries and retirement are a lot higher than Wisconsin but doubt it’s more than double what ours is, especially with the cost of living in your area. We also don’t understand why the Spit it being charged for the use of lift stations when the East End doesn’t seem to be. There was also a Point of View which talked about a majority political system but didn’t bother taking into consideration who provides the roads, sewer, water, schools and other utilities.Yes, it’s actually an alternative minority political system.
We sure hope Homer doesn’t become like what’s been proposed for Bristol Bay. Also, you may want to check out what’s happened to the roads of northwestern North Dakota, northeastern Montana, eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan.
Hope to see you all this summer.
Linda and Ken Smith
Hartford, Wis.