Boat House shouldn’t be a priority

Concerning the planned Boat House on the Homer Spit, a few questions come to mind: 

1. When there is already a high demand for such limited parking, how can six more spaces be found when the easiest and most tangible location would be occupied by a 45-by-35-foot building — used primarily for those wanting to meet up out of the weather?  

2. How is the city supposed to be responsible for the cost of maintaining the building when it’s already broke? 

3. How will this building be policed? 

As nice as it might be to have a building to shield one from the elements, it is not high on the current list of priorities when more important matters have not been first addressed. If we are going to contribute to the further financial draining of the city, than it should be done to address a “need,” not a “want.” 

                                        Andrea Miller