Council anticipates seawall, Coast Guard berth maintenance

Anticipating the need for routine maintenance to the seawall and the U.S. Coast Guard cutter berth space, the Homer City Council introduced two ordinances during its last regular meeting on June 26 to establish spending authority in the 2024 fiscal year budget.

Ordinance 23-44 amends the FY24 capital budget to fund anticipated maintenance to the seawall by appropriating $5,000 from the Seawall Maintenance Reserve and the Ocean Drive Loop Special Service District. According to the ordinance, 82% of the appropriated funds, or $4,100, will come from the special service district while the remaining 18%, or $900, will be drawn from the Seawall Maintenance Reserve.

Ordinance 23-45 amends the FY24 capital budget to fund anticipated repairs or maintenance to the USCGC berth space by appropriating $20,000 from the USCGC Berth Space Maintenance Reserve.

Public hearings and second readings will be conducted for both ordinances during the next regular council meeting on Monday, July 24.

Both ordinances are considered annual appropriations and as such will lapse at the end of the 2024 fiscal year. According to two June 22 backup memorandums to both ordinances, all funds not spent within the 2024 fiscal year for either the seawall or berth space maintenance or repairs will return to the reserves from which they were drawn.

The full ordinances and memos can be found on the city council website at