Council members deserve respect

I appreciate David Lewis, Catriona Reynolds and Donna Aderhold sponsoring the recent resolution that in my mind reflected what Homer represents — caring, compassion and respect for all. It simply restated what is already law as a reminder. Resolutions are not laws, they are opinions. Being able to have a resolution brought to the council is a free speech issue. Constituents sometimes write them, council members introduce them, and we the people debate them.

The sponsoring council members did what they are supposed to do, brought a resolution to the Homer City Council so it could be considered by the community and then the council voted on it. This is our public process. I do not believe the sponsoring council members did anything illegal or damaging to Homer’s public image.

Holding public office is a difficult job. These folks deserve our respect. Homer has a tradition of civility at public meetings, a tradition we should continue. Maybe it is time to step back, take a deep breath, and “live and let live …”