Crane shot with arrow

Wildlife troopers seek information on shooting

Alaska Wildlife Troopers seek information on a sandhill crane shot with an arrow last Saturday on East End Road near Easement Avenue by McNeil Canyon Meats. A photo from Kachemak Crane Watch shows the crane alive but pierced with an arrow through its chest.

Nina Faust with Homer’s Kachemak Crane Watch reported the crane had been shot in a press release. The release notes that hunting season for sandhill cranes does not open until September.

“This likely constitutes cruelty to animals as well,” the release noted.

Cranes mate for life and this animal has been nesting in the same area for more than eight years.

“He is known and admired by those who have had the privilege of watching him and his mate raise their young in the neighborhood,” the release said. “Neighbors report that the female is caring for their two colts (young cranes) as he struggles with his injury.”

The Alaska State Wildlife Troopers would appreciate information that would help in finding the person or persons who committed this crime. If you have any information, please call the Troopers at 907-262-4453.

More information about cranes in the area is also available on the Kachemak Crane Watch site at