Cyber thugs need to be stopped

I was recently attacked by the dastardly culprits that like to crash our computers. My computer has good spyware protection and it was violated, with ease, by one of these cyber warriors.

My computer locked up and informed me that the FBI was looking for me. I called the FBI and was told this was a virus and they have had many reports of the same virus. The FBI does not take kindly to using them as a scare tactic in these matters. They have asked me to assist them in hunting you down.

If you are an American and engage in damaging your fellow citizens, you will be caught. I hope you burn in hell.

It is a well known fact that our enemies are engaged in Cyber Wars to attack us in every aspect. Fighting this war is hard enough without the additional attacks by our own population.

If you are one of these culprits, please stop attacking the hard-working Americans by indulging your sick egos that do so much harm to our lives. Your time would be better spent to put your talents toward attacking our enemies. Just a thought.

James Mikesell